No Pain for Zain

It seems like every week lately something terrible is happening.  Sean Ozz’s son Zain recently broke his forearm in two places.  Tonight Sean has put together a charity concert, so if you happen to be in the Houston area and want to check out a concert/auction to help out the little guy, you can check out all the event information on facebook, or yelp.

Come out and enjoy live music and partake in a silent auction to help raise money to help with a small part of Zain’s medical bills he endured when recently had a mid-shaft both bone forearm fracture otherwise known as fracture of the radius and ulna (the 2 bones in the forearm).

Zain needed an open reduction and fixation with flexible intramedullary nails. He pulled through like a champ through all this but acquired some hefty bills in the process.

Bands are…

5pm The Hates ( )
10pm The Abyss ( )
9pm Harem festival ( )
6pm Sheila Swift ( )
7pm Provision ( )
8pm Black Kennedy ( )
11pm The Zeros ( )

These bands have come together to offer live music for your entertainment. There is no cover but a suggested donation at the door of $5.00. Inside there will be a silent art auction as well as other great items. below is a small list of some of these items and artist. doors open at 4pm.

Tattoo gift certificates (ranging from $50-$150 value)
canvas art from award winning artist ($100-$500+ value)
Wooden cut out art
certificates for custom portraits from artist
certificate for custom painted shoes.
Gift card to FreeBirds World burrito ($25 value)
SATYR – String Through, 6-string guitar (Halo)
Condo in Galveston
Professional Massage certificate
AMC Movie package (tickets, popcorn and sodas included)
Silver skull ring from SilverLust ($125. value)
Collectible albums including
•Metallica picture disk
•Johnny Cash
•The Cars
•grease soundtrack
and much more to be added…

There will also be burgers and dogs being served for donation and cupcakes made by

There will not only certificates from award winning tattoo artist up for Auction but Houston’s own Aaron Dale will be set up in an area doing tattoos on the spot for those with the itch to get some new ink.

as things get closer and more bands are confirmed as well as donation items we will update and send out an email to everyone.

club info @

For those wanting to help but who are to far to come out to the event a paypal page has been set up.

Award winning artist and singer of the band The Abyss (Sean Oliver) is asking for all his friends and associates to pull together on this one! If you only make it out once in March then this is the event to help support. If you have an item or some of your own art you can donate for the cause please email [email protected].

Thank you!

29 thoughts on “No Pain for Zain

  1. I can handle almost anything. Heavy CBT, amputations, you name it. But bones breaking make me cringe bad.

    I think it’s weird there is no mention of how he got such a bad break.

  2. If my son had a break that looked like that, I think I would have spent a good amount of time trying not to vomit.

  3. OH MY DARWIN!!!

    He must not have felt much pain because his body probably instantly went into shock…

  4. haha, if you’re going to break your arm, you’d want it to look like that. kinda nice.

  5. Oh wow that looks bad, I broke my arm so that it hung like that once, but only in the one spot. Two spots is vomit inducing. Hard to look at.

  6. I’m trying to imagine how expensive a break like that must be in the US for so many people to donate their time and products/art/stuff to cover costs. Costs must be insane? Thank god for the health system in the UK and the insurance system in South Africa (where I lived for 22 years). I hope you manage to raise all the money! x

  7. Wait, you seriously need to pay when you get hurt and go to a hospital? Rofl, what the hell is up with that?

    We pay taxes and get free medical. Man some countries..

  8. Ouch, had my leg broken like that too, can’t remember the initial break, but the pain later was awful! So he has my sympathies, hope his recovery/physiotherapy goes well.

  9. According to the Health Care Blue Book a lower leg fracture with sx repair is around 13,000$. So I’d imagine that the arm is somewhere close to that.
    Thats just for the initial treatment and sx. That wouldn’t include follow ups, cast changes, having the pins removed or the post repair physical therapy.
    I’d say all in all without insurance around 20,000$

  10. Ok I feel bad for the child and everything (although how did he do it? Maybe he was just being dumb and jumped off a roof or something?) , but there is no excuse for not having health insurance for him. There are programs to insure that doesn’t happen.

    I was assuming they have insurance, but it’s an incredibly costly procedure anyway and needed more funds to cover it. If they don’t have insurance, that’s their own damn fault honestly.

  11. CHIP/Children’s Medicaid has an income cap, but that doesn’t mean a family that makes “enough money” to not qualify can automatically afford insurance on their own.

  12. wow yeah that is some sick shit you have to pay to go get that fixed!? the US is truly a crazy country in many ways

  13. a family that makes more than the cap should pay for insurance themselves or at least a discount plan. If you have kids, you have to do what you can to get them some sort of coverage. And if you don’t, I consider that negligence.

    I’m not in any way saying that is what is going on here. I’m just saying I hope they had the kid insured at least a little, and they aren’t paying the ridiculous figures that other people quoted in here for uninsured surgery.

  14. Meow- those programs have income requirements, and they are very low. If you are over that requirement by even $2 (ahem, I know from personal experience), you don’t qualify, and couldn’t afford to pay for insurance out of pocket. The income requirements are listed on that website. Health insurance in the US is a joke…millions are without it, and blaming the individuals who have fallen through the loophole of being able to get it are not to blame. /rant.

    Anyways, I hope everything works out for this family. I can’t imagine now they must feel, and my heart goes out to them. That is one brave kiddo. If I were anywhere near Houston, I’d totally go to that benefit. I’ll see what I can do to help!

  15. First I thought, “that has to be photoshopped.” Then I kind of gagged a little. Holy poop. Hopefully he gets it all paid for and fixed up. I know my insurance would probably stop paying once it hit $1000. (And I have decent insurance.) If all else fails, just duct-tape it. Or move out of state when the medical bills show up 🙂

  16. I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m just saying that arms shouldn’t look like that. Holy christ, that must have been horrible. D:

  17. Unfortunately the closest thing to socialist medicine the US has is military insurance. Full coverage for the whole family courtesy of the taxpayers. I thank my lucky stars for it.

  18. Most people can’t even get private insurance no matter how much money they have. If anyone in your family has any sort of pre-existing condition then the entire family is black balled from any kind of health insurance. There is only one company that will insure me and they charge $500 a month and are almost worthless. I know a lot of people who won’t pay any medical bills at all anymore because there is no way they can afford them. I’ve even seen credit card applications and apartment applications that say they won’t count hits against your credit from unpaid medical bills. It wouldn’t surprise me if the cost of that break is equal to the price of a small house.

  19. ah, I really hate some things about this country :/

    and yeah I really want to know how he did it too

  20. A little late but am update for those who care …

    Zain is doing great. His arm has made a full recovery and it’s almost as if it never happened. He is now 17 and an honer student starting to figure out his college plans in the next year and a half.

    As far as how it happened it was a freak accident. He was standing with some friends. His bicycle was under him as he was just talking to his buddies. He lost his balance and fell to the side in the grass and broke it putting his arm out to catch himself. It is a bizarre break.

    I had dr’s quote me anywhere from 12,000 -20,000 to fix it. I had one dr say it was just going to grow back crooked since we were between insurance.

    We went to Shriners hospital and they were amazing. They fixed it with a much better procedure then anyone else was willing to do and it was free. They also helped me get his emergency room visit paid for while his chip insurance was going through.

    He had lapsed in insurance for a couple of months when this freak accident happened.

    Thanks to all oh had the concern for him. I hope no one ever has to see their child this way.

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