22 thoughts on ““I would sit around all day, and draw pictures of…”

  1. phahahhahahahaha. This makes me laugh, but only because of the caption/comment you put on it… (made me think of a joke with a friend)

  2. I can see why a chap might a dick hanging half way down his thigh… but the balls ?!

  3. I think a scarification piece is incredibly different than a nautical star or tribal tattoo, no matter the content. Do you honestly think that somebody immersed in frat life even knows what scarification is?

  4. + they probably would be completely intolerant of the pain unless they got smashed beforehand

  5. I’m surprised it isn’t situated much higher on the leg. it’s kind of like a ghost wiener where it is.

  6. #11 – Considering how many frat-related brandings that exist, my guess would be yes.

    However, assuming this person lost a bet, did it to impress his frat buddies, etc. is no different than people making the assumption that one would have to be mentally unstable in order to extensively modify the body. It’s a penis on a leg – if the person wearing is happy, that’s what matters most. All this holier-than-thou judgmental nonsense gets really old and boring after a while. If you don’t like it, don’t look.

  7. This isn’t on a Frat boy, rather a quiet, 18yr old kid named Jose that hangs out at the shop from time to time and on 3/1 we were both bored and this is how we killed some time. Haha. I’m stoked to see it on here. Thanks Rob for posting it!! 🙂

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