Unknown Pleasures

Now before you check out this scar, you have to keep in mind that although the scar is similar to the cover art for Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album, the owner of the scar is not a Joy Division fan, but does like the image of the pulsar graph.

This cutting was done by Fousage from Hell.cz in Prague.  You can find more photos of the cutting, including some procedural shots in the cutting gallery.

17 thoughts on “Unknown Pleasures

  1. Very nice work and also i’m very curious on how it would look once healed. im hoping to a friday follow up of this in the future! =]

  2. “Oh I’ve never heard Black Flag, just maybe that TV party song, I just liked the way the bars looked.”

  3. Loving the work, being a huge JD fan.
    Baffled as to why he got it done considering it is universally associated with Joy Division, and its in such a prominent place.
    Actually pretty pissed off!

  4. SHAME ON HIM FOR NOT BEING A JOY DIVISION FAN. I mean at least go out and buy the damn album before you get it etched into your CHEST. seriously though, it’s really good! If I were you I wouldn’t admit to not being a fan avoid looking like a damn fool.

    %[email protected]@#UHDUH

  5. It’s not actually the complete pulsar sequence, as used for the album cover, and it still is just a graphic representation of the pulses of the first pulsar ever discovered… Whilst the Black Flag logo… It’s just the Black Flag logo.
    Of course, he’s still an infidel. Burn!

  6. have fun with the “so you must really like joy division” comments from here to the grave. would be a lot cooler if that was the case. *shrug*

  7. I like it, and it is conceivable that a person might like the aesthetics of pulsar graphs and be completely oblivious to Joy Division. As much as that image is such a defining image for the band, it’s not as if they had a monopoly on interest in and images of pulsars. But at the same time, I can totally appreciate the thoughts of the posts above, and would echo that he’d better get himself ready for a lifetime of interest from JD fans and he could do with swotting up in readiment for questions. Still, as long as he remembers to state that New Order were truly fucking awful, he’ll do okay.

  8. Disappointing that he isn’t a JD fan, I have the cover tattooed on my left forearm, but that’s because it’s the greatest album ever written.

  9. Amazing!! I’ve seen this in tattoo form, but this is the first scarification piece I’ve seen. Wow!

  10. It’s a good thing there are so many people in this post eager to tell other people what their aesthetics should/should not signify! I’ve never heard of the band, and with some many obnoxious pukes as fans I will probably never bother, but I am huge into astronomy and I can think of 1,000 implications in having a portion of the PSR 1919+21′s waves tattooed on the center of the chest. I can see why the album cover would strike the eye without having to even touch the disc. I love this piece!

  11. As a massive fan of Joy Division and astrophysics, all the people bitching that he got it done despite not being a fan of Joy Division need to gargle some balls. Just because it’s heavily associated with Unknown Pleasures doesn’t mean that’s the only reason one could choose to get this design!

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