11 thoughts on “Have a heart

  1. holy crap, the color. I looks almost like body paint instead of a tattoo, it’s so bright.

  2. Holy f’kn sh*t, that cu*t’s artwork is f’kn amazing. I’d buy the motherf’kr a f’kn beer. F’kn righteous! F’k! Cu*t! Holy f’kn Jesus C*ntstabbing Christ!

  3. That colour is so vibrant. It really helps that its on very pale skin – just jumps out at you. Lush.

  4. absolutely gorgeous! i hope it stays that wonderfully bright and vivid after healing, and a long time to come!

  5. I started working with the guy who has this tattoo a couple weeks ago and it’s still as bright and vibrant as in this photo it’s quite the work of art.

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