He’s got legs

For some reason, when I first saw these photos, the camp song “Black Socks” got stuck in my head.


These were sent in by Marcd to the tribal and blackwork gallery, although I don’t know if he’s the artist or the owner of the legs.

10 thoughts on “He’s got legs

  1. Ooooh I like the look of these 😀
    On the bottom left it does bug me that it doesn’t end in an even line but that might just be the way he is standing (and me being picky :P).
    Good colour matching with the walls and trousers too, haha.

  2. First off, I think that the design looks great and love the blackwork. But, and this could just be me, are the designs supposed to be different sizes? In the bottom picture, the (for lack of a better word) faces in the middle are definitely different sizes, at least to my eyes. Anyone else seeing this? Was that intentional, or is there some trick of the camera that is making it look that way? Anyhow, really like the work but the lack of symmetry (if it exists) would drive me batty.

  3. looking at it closely the two designs are not the same, and although the two faces are at the same point in the tattoos, I’m pretty sure they’re not meant to be identical. So perhaps not for you Friendly if you like symmetry 🙂 Personally I like symmetry in my mods too, but I still really like this!

  4. I also found it asymetrical but wouldve liked it more if they were more obviously different, since they seem to be purposely not identical, but they shouldve made them a little more different so it would convey that more easily, I figure as long as one leg isnt entirely naked its not too much of an eyesore

  5. It’s not an eyesore at all, the legs are both obviously different designs, much in the same way that the two sides of a moko kanohi are not exactly the same, conveying two different messages. I think it looks extremely well done!

  6. it’s tipical for polynesian and other pacific tattoostyles to be asymertrical but not overly asymetrical , my tattooartist who did my tattoo has told me this , i first went for a regular upperarm polynesian this means , the part above my elbow divided in half and the upper part of it …he made the design and what i first tought was that it was symetrical but looking more closley u see that not every part is symetrical , and that’s what’s cool about it ..
    offcourse this symetrical/asymetrical only works when u have both arms or legs done or for example front or backpiece , cause i then let him tattoo the rest of my sleeve , and it would look no good if it was asymetrical/symetrical all the way trough … ( cause he knew i didn’t want a polynesian on the other arm as well )

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