The Sheriff

Fans of Hunter S. Thompson will instantly recognize the inspiration for this piece.  Megan Lui-Ramirez from Hardnox Tattoo in Franklin, NJ tattooed this Ralph Steadman print entitled “The Sheriff” on the leg of the lovely Miss. Jersey.

Jersey sent in a few photos of her leg to the miscellaneous tattoo gallery, including a shot of the tattoo next to a photo of the original print.

5 thoughts on “The Sheriff

  1. Absolutely envious. Having just finished McKeen’s brilliant biography of HST, I’m totally down to have “You are scum. HST” tattooed beneath a STEADman portrait of the man. It really does show that, although the character of Duke might’ve ultimately made life hell for HST, it’s the mythos surrounding the man and his lifestyle that’ll ensure his work will be read for generations.

  2. I love this piece. Also, for you New Yorkers, Megan pulls double duty at Asylum in Brooklyn as well as Hardnox in Jersey. She’s actually doing a different Steadman work on me soon. So pumped.

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