Rest In Peace: Adam Aries

It is with great sadness that I have to post that the BME community has lost an awesome, funny, brilliant and kind member. Last night, Adam Aries passed away in his sleep. Adam was like a brother to many. He touched hundreds if not thousands of people through his work with RoP as well as being a body piercer. Unfortunately we do not have any more details other than what I have posted. Please see the update at the bottom of the post regarding services.

Rest In Peace: Adam Aries

He will be missed.

March 24th Update:

Services for Adam will be held this Saturday March 26th.  1pm-3pm and 5pm-8pm

They will be held at the Davis Funeral Home: 1 Lock St.  Nashua, NH 03064

In addition where will also be a party held at ZuZu (where Adam worked) on April 2nd from 12pm to 4pm.

ZuZu is located on 474 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139

32 thoughts on “Rest In Peace: Adam Aries

  1. Zid was a hell of a character and I too vividly remember my first time meeting him, which is impressive since we were both shit face drunk.

  2. He was always super nice to me and incredibly helpful. I remember the first time I met him too. He was way too young to go. He had so much left to give.

  3. Adam and I shared a few misadventures that officially never happened. Every time I met with him, which in retrospect seems way too infrequently, he greeted me with a hug and a smile. I was lucky enough to call him a friend and hope that each of us, in turn, can impact the lives of those we love in even a fraction of the way Adam impacted mine. Good Journey my friend.

  4. I was missing him already…Now it hurts how much I miss and will miss him.

    I have to say Shawn you said it best. He was always there with a hug and smile and great friendship.

  5. Shock and sadness last night for us all. Adam was such an amazing human and so loved by all of us. Always had a hug. A smile. A helping hand. A kind word.

    So missed already. And so loved.

  6. i don’t know him , but my condolensses to his family , friends and all the rest who knew him…

    ps: sorry for my english

  7. I’m very proud to have known him for as long as I did.

    We hadn’t been in touch for some time, but with a person like Adam, you know the bond never weakens, fades or dissipates. Once a friend and brother, always.

    I’ll always remember parties in high school when his family was gone, and the first helix piercings he ever did on my left ear. The only time in my life I’d ever seen the man nervous.

    He will be missed by so, so many.
    And he was taken far, far too soon.

  8. I’ve only ever met him in passing but he was incredibly nice. I took a picture of him that, unfortunately, is very blurry but is still one of my favourite photos.

    My condolences to all those who knew and loved him.

  9. At a loss for words right now. I was shocked to hear the news last night and almost broke down having to make phone calls to people I knew cared deeply for Adam on this side of the border.

  10. I’ll always remember the ROP BBQs/Camping Trips and our conversations over Spazz,, beer, and how the hell could I ever like vegan food. You were always there to talk to whether it was at 1369 coffee, on Mass Ave while we rode bicycles side by side or in the middle of nowhere during a suspension; you were pretty fantastic Adam.

  11. Met him when he was still in high school. He hung around shop and we finally gave him an apprenticeship.
    Glad to see he took it as far as he did. Good, smart kid. RIP zid

  12. We used to work together before he moved to MA. There were alot of conservative types where I worked but Adam won them over with his amazing personality and kindness. Years later people still talk about him, not as “that guy with the Body Mods” but this incredible artist. That’s saying a lot about the strength of his character.

  13. How shocking. Zid was a unique person and he will be missed. I’m thankful I decided to keep one of the many piercings me did for me. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

  14. i didnt know him well, just from the Middle East and APP.
    He was always so friendly and upbeat, he will be missed.

    my condolences to all his family, co-workers and Friends.

  15. Such a good dude. I am very proud to be able to say he was my friend. Getting to work with him at a few conventions was definitely a highlight to my piercing carrer. You will be missed friend.

  16. Oh my god. I don’t know what to say….I worked at the Middle East with him. He glowed. Rest in peace, and goddamn whyever you died.

  17. It’s not until someone is gone that the urgency to return their call is front and center. Rest in peace my friend.

  18. Adam brought many wonderful things to this world and many smiles to everyone he liked. He will be missed. To everyone who knew him. Stay strong.

  19. OMG I am so sorry Susan… I worked with you at Avenue. If there is anything you need or want to talk to someone im here for you. YOur family is in our prayers:(

  20. I can’t say I knew Zid well because I certainly didn’t. I can say in all the years I have frequented the middle east he was amongst the most respectful, polite and reasonable staff members I ever have the pleasure of misbehaving around. He let me get away with murder, (almost literally) on numerous occasions and I loved seeing him for it. He will be missed.
    Rest easy, homie. Cross over safely.

  21. Adam was an old friend of mine way back from junior high through high school. Many fond memories… You will be missed by many people. Rest in peace, sir.

  22. So sad to hear. Didn’t know him very well but he definitely was an amazing man. He will be missed by many. Rest easy Adam!!

  23. I, along with many others, miss you dude! I will always remember the many times we blew fire together; most notably on the streets of Manhattan and me having a blast back, which impaired my sight for a few days. You were the first one to help me out, to make sure I was ok. You were a wonderful, respectful and caring individual. We have lost a genuine man and the world is less without you.

    I wish I could make the service!


  24. I was really shocked to hear this news. Never formally met this dude, but saw him around Middle East and Allston frequently. I wanted to ask him to DJ some shows I set up but hadn’t gotten around to it.

    Condolences to his friends and family. Wish I had the chance to have met him.

  25. He used to come visit Hub Comics where I work with his Boston Terrier. His dog was deaf and Adam was teaching him simple commands in sign language. It worked, too!

    A very nice, gentle man. Always a pleasure to see him. I can’t believe he’s gone. RIP.

  26. Adam, you cut a distinctive swathe through life, through (some of our) skins, and most of all, through our hearts. You are deeply, deeply missed.
    I recall he was interested in the subject of asteroids hitting the earth. His interest was highly piqued upon learning that the Bible foretells a star called Wormwood catastrophically clobbering the earth in Revelation 8:10, as this confirmed his suspicion that an impact was inevitable. The mists of time obscure what it was that cut that conversation short. I didn’t know Adam well (my loss), but these precious few insights into the man I can offer: 1.) even though I was pitiably uncool, he gave considerate and serious attention to what I had to say 2.)he was interested in every aspect (even the end-times prophecy side) of fantastic pyrotechnics such as those accompanying apocalyptic asteroids annihilating earthlings and 3.) the
    information coming from the Bible did not diminish the legitimacy of the information in his eyes, but rather seemed to enhance it.
    I wish I’d had the knowledge, time, and opportunity to talk to him more along those lines . . . but though I feel I failed him then, I won’t fail him now by not telling you, a person whom he loves, that there is someOne much more powerful than raging, fiery comets, someOne who indeed breathed the stars into existence thereby establishing Himself as the all-time most awesome pyrotechnician. To further show how awesome He is, He created you, too, and He loves you. He loves you in a deep, yet practical way, as shown by the fact that He died an excruciating death to make a way for you to be able to come to His open arms and be safe from everything. He’ll even bear your griefs and carry your sorrows (Isaiah 53:4). Sometimes it’s a comfort to pray with people, 1-800-4-PRAYER has live people who personally know the God of all comfort who’ll gladly pray with you, or allows you to submit anonymous requests for prayer any time of the day or night. and have compelling information, and I think would’ve made Adam laugh.
    May God bless you all.

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