There are many different kinds of geeks in this world.  You have your film geeks, lit geeks, video game geeks, and many many more.  You also have your nerds.  Granted over the past few years those terms have become pretty interchangeable.  There is one kind of geek that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that’s science geeks.  We’re not talking about scientists that are into star wars, but rather people who just love science because of how cool it can be (to them).  Now my science knowledge isn’t the greatest, so when I first saw this tattoo I had no idea what it was of.  Thankfully Wikipedia was kind enough to explain just what a phylogenetic tree is.  Elcerdo here got his noggin tattooed with a phylogenetic tree “for the first abstract publication on bioinformatics”.  I’m sure some of our science inclined readers can explain it a lot better than I can.

This science geek tattoo was done by Bobby T. from Black Lotus Studio in Findlay, OH.

6 thoughts on “Science!

  1. There are different types of “trees” this one being a tree of life.
    “Charles Darwin believed that phylogeny, the ascent of all species through time, was expressible as a metaphor he termed the Tree of Life. The modern development of this idea is called the Phylogenetic tree.”

  2. In other words, all the little lines represent different things that all come from the same source.

  3. I love this tattoo! I remember a recent Time magazine, or it might have been Listener, that had a print out of the entire ‘Tree of Life’. It had the tiniest little arrow to point to where homo sapiens were and it really gave you an idea of our place in all walks of life and just how tiny that place is. Very, very cool!

  4. OMG, i was going to tattoo the same on myself this year after my graduation in evolutive biology!!!!!!! but not on my head 😛
    i’ll do it anyway, but it’ll feel a little like i’m copying something xD

  5. This is awesome! When I complete my degree in bio/ag next year, I think I will feel legit enough to get something this geeky. 😉

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