You wanted something new…

Well leave it to Samppa to deliver.

Ear pointing as a practice isn’t anything new, however, Samppa has started to use a brand new technique to point ears that is completely different than folding method that is most commonly used.

He starts off with a normal looking ear..

Then instead of cutting and folding, he takes the ear and reshapes it, leaving a much smoother and more natural looking pointed ear.  Here’s how the above ear looked right after the sutures had been tied off.

Here’s a side by side comparison of another ear, this one after it has had some time to heal up.

If you have been looking to get this procedure done, and you live in the USA, then you’re in luck as Samppa has just started his US Tour.  He will be in the US till June 2011, please contact him at [email protected] for info on the tour, booking of appointments and his availability for guest spots at studios. For anytime after June 2011 please contact him via his website,

There are still a couple of new procedures that he’s doing, so keep checking ModBlog, as we’ll be showing you some of the other new tricks Samppa has up his sleeve.

36 thoughts on “You wanted something new…

  1. I don’t understand, how did he do this? Can we have a better explaination please or is it a secret?

  2. I don’t understand either. The explanation “he takes the ear and reshapes it” leaves something to be desired.

  3. This looks really, really good. The seam is hidden in a natural fold, and the point looks all around more natural. I’m hit or miss with a lot of Samppa’s stuff, but this is an innovation. Well done!

  4. This is actually really old. she’s had this for years now. i love the method, it’s really innovative. thanks for the heads up about him being in the usa~

  5. It looks like he perhaps cuts some of the ear under the fold out and then stitches that together, causing it to point.

    I think that’s what he’s done…

  6. This really looks great! I wanted to point my ears for forever, but never really planned on it because the original way, I’ have to give up my orbital. Looks like with this procedure, I could keep it! I may start saving money to point my ears

  7. this is by far the best ear pointing I’ve seen! it’s so natural looking. amazing.

  8. Looks like maybe he’s shaping from the inside (underneath the ridge).

    For reals, I love his work, and his website is really cool looking, but as for actually getting around it, I’ve tried a few times and given up. Doesn’t matter how cool a website is if you can’t get around it!

  9. thank you guys for all nice comments.
    firstly i have to say that this is not new procedure for me as like this last pic example is from 2007.
    i can explain a bit how it’s done. first i cut trough the cartilage following helix. then i reshape the cartilage to create the pointy shape. then i elevate the skin from helix and cartilage that i have enough space to suture helix back to cartilage. these sutures are permanent, like an implants. then i suture skin back together from front and back.
    and if anyone have a difficult to understand how my website works, they can email me and i can give a private lession….
    and you can contact me also if u want to get some bod mod done, or book our show or just to say hi…

  10. wow amazing… is a much better way of ear shaping wow awsome i must see this in person still contemplating it myself

  11. This is awesome! I much prefer my extreme ear reshaping, but this shall be excellent news for people who love the elfin look but don’t want to look crazy OTT. I’ll be sharing this with my friends- kudos, Cyborg! What an innovation! 😀

  12. That’s right, he”s been doing this for some time already. Btw, it is so nice that people can contact you to say hi…that’s hard to see nowadays, bod mod artists tend to behave as rockstars… Lol. Neat job Btw!!!

  13. This totally isn’t my style but I always think they look adorable. Execution on this one looks flawless!

  14. Hi all, if anyone here is interested in getting their ear pointing done by Samppa Von Cyborg, and you live on the East Coast of America, then your time is running out, Samppa will be in Pittsburgh till the 21st of April, and then he leaves for Seattle.
    If you are interested in getting this done then please email [email protected]
    Thanks and happy modding

  15. finally i was waiting for something like that, i wanted to do it..but the result of old techniques wasn”t what i was looking for <3

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