Filling in the holes

We’ve seen earlobe reconstructions.  We’ve seen tongue split reversals.  Isn’t it time we see something else?  How about repairing up the divots left behind by facial piercings?  In this case, cheek piercings.  Leave it to Samppa to come up with a way to do it.

On the right is one of the holes before the repair, and the left is just after it had been closed up.

And here is the end result..

While there is still a small mark, unless you’re looking for it you would never suspect a hole had been there.

Samppa’s US tour is still underway, so get in touch with him if you have any facial holes you want fixed up.

Also, keep an eye on ModBlog.  Next week we’re going to take a look at his navel removal procedure, including step-by-step photos.

11 thoughts on “Filling in the holes

  1. just looks like a freckle now. cheek and dahlia’s look really neat but i’m worried about the back and catching it when chewing…

  2. @Nexi how about you wait until you move out and are financially independent from her? just a thought.

  3. This is really cool. I just hope it doesnt make more people go out and get their cheeks pierced (yuck)

  4. we want more of Samppa’s work
    but he has been doing some great work
    cant wait to see more of it
    love his early work 2 thad was on BME

  5. looks great, tho personally, I think she should have kept the dimples, I <3 girls with dimples

  6. quality: i totally agree with u. i hope that too. and i hope that ppl understand that even if im able to fix their ugly scars, it doesnt mean that they can now happily go and ruin their faces with cheek piercings.

    warghuul: dimbles yes, but scars,like a bullet holes are far from dimples in my opinion… and btw, this girl still has a dimples when she’s smiling…

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