98 Problems and a Cross Ain’t One

Now this is something I was to see healed up.  This was taken just minutes after it was finished, so it’s hard to tell how the microdermals are going to hold up.  As you’ve probably guessed, this one is also by Nesh Cash from Tribal Trading Tilburg in Tilburg, The Netherlands.  Nesh is the one behind the other microdermal projects we’ve been seeing all week.

Oh, and to save you the counting, that would be 98 individual microdermals making up that cross.

8 thoughts on “98 Problems and a Cross Ain’t One

  1. Given that these kinds of things are very hard to keep and will look weird if one falls out I’m not feeling it. Are those scars on his torso from past microdermal projects? I appreciate the artists work and all but this one in particular looks like he got in a fight with a bedazzler and lost.

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