Did you know BME is hiring?

(Uvula Piercing by Francesco Battilani from Inkside Tattoos & Piercing in Parma, Italy)

You haven’t heard about it yet?  Well it’s true, BME is hiring a new lead programmer!

BME has spent the last 3 years redeveloping its web presence from the ground up. Throughout the process there have been a lot of detours as well as the predictable bumps in the road. BME is looking for a lead programmer to integrate with our development group that has helped to program the new site. You will work with our current company to learn the new site as well as to help finish the deployment of all of BME’s 2.0 rebirth. After the development company has been phased out, you will be responsible for maintenance and changes to the existing site and software. You will also be responsible for programming new features, debugging and developing/programming new sites that will come with BME’s growth. As BME doesn’t have a “main office”, all of our staff work from home. This is a big bonus for most of us and has worked well over the past decade.


  • Diligence and attention to detail.
  • Multi year senior level programming experience in python (as well as C/C++).
  • Core competencies in Python.
  • Excellent HTML/CSS/JS skills and an interest and awareness of emerging web standards.
  • Superb problem solving skills.
  • Good knowledge of SQL
  • Expected to maintain, enhance and install our custom application stack.
  • Expected to be able to manage the whole life cycle of product development including public facing and deployment.
  • Experience with linux based web architectures.
  • Experience in Java and .NET an advantage.
  • Experience of deploying and maintaing websites with Apache, Linux, and either Postgres or MySQL, and development with frameworks such as Django.
  • A real appreciation of clean, well-tested, well-documented code.

Useful Experience:

  • SQL database management
  • Database administration
  • Linux administration


  • Working in a mod friendly and positive environment.
  • Working in a small private company with international reputation in the Body Modification Community.
  • Exposure to some of the most exciting aspects of the industry.
  • You can work from home! This can be a part time job for extra income while you maintain a full time job as unfortunately, BME isn’t in a position to offer health care, 401k or other retirement benefits.
  • You won’t have to come into BME HQ but you will have a ticket to attend BME’s main events (BMEfest/ModProm etc)!
Please send your resume, availability and salary requirements to [email protected] with the subject line “Python Position Applicant”.

4 thoughts on “HEY YOU!

  1. why? why do people do such inconvinient and insufficient piercing?
    i still can’t understand.. for what..

  2. I think its cool, most meditation/awesome sex has to do with controlled breathing and what not, I’d quite literally cum if someone was in the back of my throat making me so intensely focused like that, then heightening it with the pain endorphines…damn–but it looks not only crooked but not even through the centre and when it migrates that would be terrible in general, but don’t yoga yogis think that you that uvula is where you breathe out the top of your head into the universe or something? I just know when I almost choke to death on popcorn and don’t and can feel every nerve in my throat, I feel enlightened after, it’d be a mind fuck for sure

  3. I can’t tell what’s happening in that picture…did the uvula swell and engulf the jewelry? Either way that doesn’t look right to me.

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