Dallas isn’t the only place to hang out

While the Dallas SusCon had it’s share of incredible moments, it wasn’t the only place this weekend where suspensions were happening.

With the weather warming up, the Moscow based Sinner Team went outdoors to do this splits suspension.

7 thoughts on “Dallas isn’t the only place to hang out

  1. I think it’s interesting to see people doing suspensions who have no other visible mods. I wonder how they hear about it.

  2. I guess this is a comment on “stereotypes” and I fully acknowledge that, and coming from a community in which we are unually on the end of sterotyping.
    I do find it strange sometimes to see people involved in this sort of thing who sont appear to have many other mods.
    I appreciate the reasons people do suspensions and their purpose, but it is something that is quite connected to the mod community and as such I feel it is something I personally only because aware of through things like tattooing and peircing and to me seem more extreme.
    Just an observation. Maybe even non modified people come at it from a more pure point of view, simply for the experience and not as an extension of peircing. I don’t know. But I respect both!

  3. Now you mention it, we do see people with no obvious mods doing suspension quite often.

  4. I think it is awesome to see people who are not visibly modified doing suspensions. I think it could possibly show people its not that crazy.

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