Dubstep Cures Cancer

Actually, the title might be a bit misleading, I don’t think dubstep actually cures cancer but  a member of our community who has been on modblog several times before, Cory Victorious, is using this popular musical genre as an outreach to help raise funds for  cancer research.


Anytime a member of our little community goes out of their way to help society outside of our little community it reflects well upon all of us and gives our collective group some much needed positive publicity. So, take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work Cory’s put into this project and if it’s something your into, please contribute. If not, look at it as inspiration to come up with your own projects to help the world out a bit.  Here’s the info on this group and what they do:

DubstepCuresCancer is a non-profit started by Cory Schneider and Matthew Quinones in South Florida. Based around the EDM genre ‘dubstep’, known for its hard hitting basslines and crazy wobbles. What started as a youtube channel to feature dubstep songs has now expanded to an inventory of glow in the dark silicone bracelets, T-shirts and girls boy shorts. Half of the profit will be donated to cancer research foundations (with the other half being re-invested in the company to expand inventory) The first of which is “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation”, chosen for its high percentage of direct funds to research. We have booked merchant booths at many local events and has applied to be vendors at events such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Starscape festival. Even for people who don’t know what dubstep is, it is a cause that touches all and is one of the first of its kind in EDM music. Check us out on our facebook (www.facebook.com/dubstepcurescancer) and big cartel site (only the t-shirt link is active at the moment). We hope to expand to a website with store features, and sections including interviews with dubstep dj’s who are involved in charities, pretty soon.

19 thoughts on “Dubstep Cures Cancer

  1. I’m getting one.. or two… Would be awesome for the Magnetic Man concert on Roskilde Festival this summer!

  2. And I just realized I switched halfway through from talking in the third person to talking in the first person…I need to make myself a better write up haha.

  3. hurray! glad you’re getting some press for DCC! cory, hun, you need a proofreader. next time you wanna do a press release or you have any text, email it to me and then text me to lemme know it’s there, and i’ll turn it around ASAP and error free 🙂 presentation is key and i’m happy to help because it’s such a good cause!

  4. I wrote up a new one because I realized how badly I wrote this one! I haven’t really had a lot of time lately so I was a bit hurried when I wrote it

  5. Aww that sucks I was gonna get a pair of shorts but $12 for shipping to the uk is pretty ott (I buy stuff from the us all the time it does no cost that much even with packaging lol) and I know big cartels fault not yours.
    Im well up for my cash going to cancer charities just not up for my shipping to be lining big cartels pockets even more! If anyone in the us wants to buy a pair then I buy them off them for a reasonable shipping price let me know! 🙂

  6. I just adjusted it down. I haven’t shipped any of them internationally yet so I don’t know exactly how much they are but the t-shirts are around 8 for just shipping so I made it 8 for the shipping for the panties. That was my fault because I used the USPS website and they don’t list all of the options, so I didn’t know it would be cheaper until I went in to the post office (through paypal the cheapest shipping for the t-shirt internationally is 20 bucks and on the USPS website its 15 bucks..but its not anywhere near that if shipped from the post office)

  7. @ender, actually, I’m pretty sure being an ass is more likely to cause cancer…

    Whether you like dubstep or not, saying something like that when Cory is trying to raise money for the cause is just being an ass, for no reason.

  8. yea I will go on record saying congrats to cory here doing something really good 🙂

    but damn do I hate dubstep….living in england its ALL I bloody here at times…blasting out of cars…and up until recently when I was living in a hostel…most of the residents played it LOUD…

    sometimes I really do curse this country (england) for the creation of such things…

    BUT thats another story…again good show cory! 😀 keep it up!


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