An artist in need

Occasionally I have some bad news to post, and unfortunately this is one of those times.  Jordan Teear, a tattoo artist from Frith Street Tattoo in London was in LA to start a road trip to NYC when his bike was struck by another vehicle.  Presently Jordan is in the hospital awaiting surgery for two broken legs.  Aaron from True Tattoo Hollywood, another artist and Jordan’s friend was with Jordon on his road trip when the accident occurred.  He’s since set up a fundraising effort to help not only Jordan, but any other tattoo artists who have been injured in bike accidents.  If you would like to donate to this charity that can help other people in Jordan’s situation please send a donation as a gift via PayPal to [email protected].  You can also keep track of Jordan’s recovery via Aaron’s twitter account, or the Frith Street Tattoo website.  Everyone here at BME wishes Jordan a speedy recovery.

That’s Jordan on the right, taken shortly before the trip began.

Racing Shoes

One of the great things about the BME community is that it’s always willing to help out.  IAM:Shoe is a perfect example of that.  Even though she’s never ran a race in her life, she’s going to be running in the Race for Life cancer run in Bournemouth in a couple of weeks.  Here’s what she has to say.

Hi guys!

I’m running the race for life this year for cancer research; I’ve never ran for ANYTHING before (except maybe the bus) but I think its about time i started 🙂

I have many friends whose lives have been affected by cancer and I am lucky enough to have family members who have survived it; So it makes sense to me to give a little bit back to cancer research, whose work enables so many people to overcome the disease.

If like me you, your life has been affected by cancer, do what you can for this worthwhile charity whilst saving yourself the effort of actually running 😉 – sponsor me to run 5k on the 17th of June.

I desperately need more sponsorship – currently I can only accept UK donations through the sponsorship page but people can also donate via paypal to [email protected] anything anyone gives would be gratefully received, if you tick gift aid (uk only) they donate the tax too. many thanks! shoe 🙂

If you recall, back in May IAM: Nexizydrate also ran in a Race for Life run, and with the help of readers she was able to surpass her goal.  So hopefully we’ll be able to help another person reach their goal.

And in case you forgot what Shoe looks like, she was nice enough to send along a photo.

Race for BMEGirls!

One of our favorite BMEGirls, Nexizydrate, is back with a brand new photoshoot for a good cause.  If you recall, Nexi did a play piercing shoot a few years back to raise money for cancer research.  Well this year she’s going to be participating in the Cancer Research UK’s “Race for Life”, and to mark the occasion she had some photos taken of the outfit she’ll be racing in.

If you’d like to sponsor Nexizydrate on her run, you can do so right here.  Here’s what she has to say about the race:

Hello ALL!!

Last year i physically couldn’t do the Race for Life, however this year i am bouncing back and looking to walk 10K; we will see on the day how my Fibromyalgia lets me – however i will no matter what be doing the 5k.

anyway…. enough babbling….I’ll cut to the chase.


I have set up a just giving page at:

so it’s really easy to donate and completely secure!!

I’m aiming to raise £100, doesn’t sound like a lot but it will go a long way to help scientists and doctors in their endeavours to help those with cancer; we are all effected in one way or another by “the big C” either from knowing first hand what it is like to hear those horrible words, or by knowing someone who has had Cancer. These days however it’s not the death sentence it used to be, and the stigma that was once attached as long since gone.

i want you guys to help me raise the £100 and maybe even more! I will be all dressed up on the day in Pink (me….in pink….) and sparkles and glitter and all sorts of fun things so it’s not like I’m not going head long into this – I’m really going for it!

I’m not asking for a huge sum of money from you all, just a small donation of £2 would make a HUGE difference.

Thank you in advance.

Race day is Sunday May 13th at 11AM

You can see more photos from the Peter Whitney shoot in the BMEGirls gallery.

Dubstep Cures Cancer

Actually, the title might be a bit misleading, I don’t think dubstep actually cures cancer but  a member of our community who has been on modblog several times before, Cory Victorious, is using this popular musical genre as an outreach to help raise funds for  cancer research.


Anytime a member of our little community goes out of their way to help society outside of our little community it reflects well upon all of us and gives our collective group some much needed positive publicity. So, take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work Cory’s put into this project and if it’s something your into, please contribute. If not, look at it as inspiration to come up with your own projects to help the world out a bit.  Here’s the info on this group and what they do:

DubstepCuresCancer is a non-profit started by Cory Schneider and Matthew Quinones in South Florida. Based around the EDM genre ‘dubstep’, known for its hard hitting basslines and crazy wobbles. What started as a youtube channel to feature dubstep songs has now expanded to an inventory of glow in the dark silicone bracelets, T-shirts and girls boy shorts. Half of the profit will be donated to cancer research foundations (with the other half being re-invested in the company to expand inventory) The first of which is “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation”, chosen for its high percentage of direct funds to research. We have booked merchant booths at many local events and has applied to be vendors at events such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Starscape festival. Even for people who don’t know what dubstep is, it is a cause that touches all and is one of the first of its kind in EDM music. Check us out on our facebook ( and big cartel site (only the t-shirt link is active at the moment). We hope to expand to a website with store features, and sections including interviews with dubstep dj’s who are involved in charities, pretty soon.

Art of the Dead

A few months ago I posted about a show taking place in October that was looking for art from tattoo artists to put up for auction.  The purpose of the auction is to raise money for a local Toronto charity that provides free and accessible art programs to children.  Well, a large number of artist heeded the call, and I was able to get a few pictures to share with you of some of the artwork that will be on display this weekend.

The show itself is being put on by the boys from Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto, so if you’re in town this weekend, you should swing on by.  The show is one night only, and admission is free.


You can get the rest of the details about the show by going here.

Now, of course, if you’re going to be bidding on some art, it helps if you know what it is you’re bidding on.  Well just click the read more button to see a few samples from the many talented artists from Canada and around the world.



I’ll be there as well, so if you end up coming, make sure to stop by and say hi.

Who knew saving the rainforest could be fun

So picture this:  You’re sitting at home, thinking to yourself, “Self, I think I want to save some animals today”.  Now you’re stuck because it’s not like you can just run outside and physically protect an endangered animal, especially if the animal is one of those cute fuzzy ones that can rip your throat out in a heartbeat.  So what can you possibly do?

Well, donating money is definitely a great way to help out, and heck, for most donations you get a tax write-off.  So you should probably do that.  But what if that doesn’t satisfy you?  There must be something you can do that wouldn’t take you to a far away country living in the wilderness.

Well what about getting a tattoo?  I’m sure one or two ModBlog readers have some of those.  Actually I’d hope so, or else all the tattoo pictures I’ve posted are going to waste.

Back to the helping animals thing.  It turns out two separate organizations on opposite sides of the globe have found a way to turn getting a tattoo into something that can help the planet.


First, there’s TATZOO, an eco-contest that promises free tattoos in exchange for help protecting endangered species! Fifteen finalists were selected on Aug. 5 based on their ideas for raising awareness about the leatherback turtle, California condor, or other endangered species local to the Bay area. Those tattoo-loving finalists now need to engage at least 100 people with their idea — for which they’ll be rewarded with a free tattoo of their endangered species, inked by locally famous tattoo artists.

And farther away in Melbourne, a three-day tattoo convention called Rites of Passage Festival calls all tattoo-loving environmentalists to enjoy art and music along with environmental education (via The Green Life). According to the website, the festival will showcase eco-friendly tattoo supplies — and raise funds for rain forests

In the case of the Rites of Passage Festival (not to be confused with the lovely boys and girls in the suspension crew), 100% of their proceeds go towards the charity.  So if you happen to be in or around Melbourne at the end of January, head on over.  You never know, you could save a spider monkey from being run over by clear cutting operation.

Personally, I’ve donated money to a couple of charities over the years.  I know the WWF has a program where you can buy a stuffed animal with the money going to save the real version of the animal.  I hope George “The Animal” Steele got the money ok.  That green tongue of his won’t change color on its own.  Do any of you have a favorite charity you help out when you can?  Is there a reason why you chose that one in particular?

Can get by with a little help from my friends

My favorite Aussie newsfeed submitter Botexty sent me in this story of a community pulling together to help someone close to them.


Mrs Hearnden suffered terrible injuries when she fell from a cliff in Dubrovnik, breaking both her arms, her jaw, hip and rupturing internal organs.  Her kidney and spleen were removed and she faces many more operations.  She and her husband, Gareth, were just a month into a five-month world tour when she fell 14m on to rocks last Monday.

This Friday, Tanya’s cousin and tattoo studio manager, Stacey Todd, has asked tattoo artists at 100 tattoo studios throughout the country to ask clients to donate the cost of a tattoo.  She has asked tattoo artists to contribute designs to a book, the online sale of which will help pay the family’s expenses.

El Arte de la Muerta

As many ModBlog readers know, I like to showcase events that contribute to a charity in some form or another.  It also helps if they are related to the mod community in some fashion.  I received the following in my inbox over the weekend and I thought it would be good to share.


We are excited to inform you of our upcoming art show, El Arte de la Muerta (Art of the Dead). Held in the growing community of midtown Toronto, this show will be a gathering of some of the most talented tattoo artists Canada wide and tattoo enthusiasts in the nation. While celebrating the rich culture and vibrancy of the Day of the Dead, we also challenge the tattoo community at large in an effort to raise money for Art City St. James, a program dedicated to bringing art into the lives of underprivileged and troubled youth.

I know that when these guys host an art show, it’s not something to be missed.  As it stands, they’re still looking for donations of artworks, so if you’re a tattoo artist interested in creating something to help out a good cause, get in touch with George at Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto (416 – 322 – 7696).

Help Matt Brawley and CoRE

Six weeks ago, the home/office of Matt Brawley, a member of suspension performance crew CoRE was devastated by a massive fire, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage both to Matt’s belongings as well as CoRE’s supplies. Steve Joyner and Patricia Cram have written the following piece detailing what happened and how you can help.

When Matt Brawley got the call from his landlord that told him his living/work space in downtown Los Angeles was on fire, he assumed, as many of us would, that the call was a joke. But his landlord abruptly hung up the phone and didn’t answer when Matt tried to call him back. Questions hammered at his head as he rushed out of the nightclub and raced home. What met his eyes, just after 3 a.m. on Saturday, May 16, eliminated all hope of it being a prank. The building in which he lived was, indeed, on fire.

The moments that followed were riddled with chaos as well as that silent reverence that comes from watching things burn and being helpless in the face of it all. He learned that the fire had started in his space, and that firefighters were working to contain it before it ravaged the homes of his neighbors (one of whom was a sound artist with a full recording studio, even). All production schedules and ideas for breakfast and plans for photo shoots and longing for sleep came to a screeching halt for Matt, the Director of the Los Angeles chapter of our performance art troupe, CoRE.

The fire spread quickly through the 2,000 square foot loft as firefighters cut a hole in the roof and worked to douse the flames. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done to Matt’s personal space, his business, and to CoRE, as all of our gear for the L.A. chapter was housed in his loft. Later, fire investigators determined that the fire was started by one of the surge protectors that ran some of the equipment for Matt’s personal computer business. (And we learned that surge protectors are not made to outlast a life of five years.)

In this inferno, Matt lost everything but some dishes and family photos. Fierce were those gods of fire who took the computing equipment that has been his work for many years, all of his clothing, his furniture, his paperwork, his books, his movies…. Though his business and sustenance were lost alongside the memories collected throughout a life, we have all been grateful that the devastation did not take any lives, or make ruins of any of his neighbors’ homes.

We placed hope in the thought that Matt’s wise investment in renters insurance would help recoup his, and our, losses. But we discovered that the policy covered Matt’s computer business only. Our Los Angeles chapter has been reduced to ashes. CoRE lost approximately $11,000 worth of equipment in this fire:

– Flight cases
– Rigging equipment (ropes, pulleys, daisy chains, gloves, hard hats, etc.)
– Piercing equipment (hooks, needles, nitrile gloves, masks, equipment carts, custom PVC trace receptacles, a gurney, etc.)
– Costuming (custom corseted wings, custom collars, dresses, etc.)
– Makeup
– Props
– Set pieces
– And, sadly, on and on…

Immediately after word of the fire reached us, we sent a letter to the suspension community in the hopes of raising funds, and have since been able to also host two benefit parties in Los Angeles. Donations have reached $1,700 for Matt and CoRE. Our emotions run deep with gratitude as we turn to you, our larger community and the industries therein, to ask for your help in rebuilding our L.A. chapter and to help get Matt back on his feet. He has endured a great loss, and it is because of the support of others that he has been able to move forward with as much staunch determination as he has. And it’s been a time of great mourning for more than just objects – we are having to start over now and work to cull the phoenix from the ashes of all the blood, sweat, and tears that our family in L.A. put into CoRE and the walls that held it. Thank you to all who have supported us in word and deed.

We have set up a Paypal account for donations HERE, and are enduringly grateful for any assistance you can spare in these skin-and-bones times.

For those who want to see some other media on the fire, there’s this report from an L.A. County news source.

BME Bling for Charity!

Gregory was kind enough to make these 1 1/2″ Stainless Steel Single Flare TeamBME Bling eyelets while he was making the TeamBME Logo Plugs and Eyelets as well as the Dr. BME Plugs and Eyelets. I’ve decided to auction them off and donate the proceeds to charity. The bidding will run via the comment forum below and the winner will be contacted via email with a link to buy them through the shop. These are one of a kind and will not be made again!

Places your bids in the comments below, make sure to enter in your correct email address so that I can contact you January 1st when the bidding ends! Hope you’re all having a great holiday! I’m off to work on the year end awards!