13 thoughts on “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bite your pen?

  1. Haha aww wow this was a surprise to see when I came onto the site today. For what its worth, it was DELICIOUS hahaha .
    And thank you mesh for your compliment 🙂

  2. um . i dont understand whats happening here? explain please. is that an actual tattoo or just like a henna deal?

  3. She has the most perfectly shaped nose I’ve ever seen. If I were to ever get plastic surgery, I’d take in this picture for reference.

  4. Pelle , those black ink photos are AWSOME, thanks for sharing those.

    you guys are all sweet hearts thanks for the nice compliments and kind words! Made my day haha 😀

    No its not henna, its actually banboo ink. I used this picture mostly cause you can see all my piercings in it, and its really one of the few profile shots I have from my modeling portfolio and I wanted to get a picture of my piercings up more so then anything else

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