Never give up. Never surrender.

Just keep going until you’ve finally got it.

Tattoo by Ron Melichson Maldonado, from Laza Tattoo in Haifa, Israel

p.s.  I know this isn’t a Galaxy Quest tattoo, but until I see one, I’ll have to use the reference for other things.

4 thoughts on “Never give up. Never surrender.

  1. I love the idea but it’s fucked up. There are two orange center pieces on that. A rubix cube only has one centerpiece of each color.

  2. For the record, that’s how the client wanted the tattoo to be. i know it’s fucked up and i even told him that, but he’s a good friend of mine and he insisted that it would be like that, claiming it has some private meaning. he first wanted it with different colors such as Purple, Grey & Brown. it took me quite some time to convince him to stay with the original colors, so go figure…

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