Ran Maclurkin needs your help!

It seems that I only have time to post on Modblog when I have to be the bearer of bad news. Ran Maclurkin was riding his motorcycle on the way home from work Tuesday night when he was hit by a 4×4. The impact was so severe that it broke his T11 vertebrae as well as his C7. The doctors will be performing surgery on him this coming Friday to fuse the bones. After that he will need to wear a Halo brace for 3 months.

As I’m sure you can guess, he won’t be able to work during that time. As he doesn’t have insurance, this is going to hurt him financially. There is no telling when he will be able to tattoo again. Peter Sheringham, owner of The Piercing Urge where Ran works, is raising funds to help Ran during this horrendous time. If you have a couple bucks to spare, please send it via Paypal to [email protected]. Anything will help. If you’ve got a couple dollars, please send it as every penny counts!


Some of you may remember Ran from the “One Hour Tattoo” that I posted of a tattoo that he did on me during the 2010 BME World Tour. Not only does Ran specialize in Abstract Noir but the rest of his work is amazing. His work in realism and color is top notch. Please donate what you can as well as keeping Ran in your thoughts. Contact Peter if you need any more information on donations or Ran’s condition. We were do our best to keep you updated.

You can also check out The Piercing Urge’s website for more information.

14 thoughts on “Ran Maclurkin needs your help!

  1. Thank you Rachel for posting this and thank you to the people that have already started to donate.
    I will do my best to keep you informed of his progress.

  2. Definately a worthwhile cause…..great guy, great artist, great heart, let raise mega bucks for the Ranathon 😉

  3. Stink. I had the pleasure of meeting Ran a couple of weeks ago while he was doing some work in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

    Our thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery are with him and his friends and family.

  4. Will scrape together some spare cash on payday.. So sorry to hear this about Ran – Thoughts are with him

  5. To everyone that has donated so far, please do not apologize for the amount you are donating, every little bit helps and you are just wonderful for helping out.

  6. Terrible news to here of a fellow bike rider going down! Heal well and fast brother.

    Speaking from a little experience as soon as he is up and about (a family member may be able to kick this off for him) get on to TAC as soon as possible – they do provide partial income cover. Get a lawyer sorted ASAP too as entitlements can be difficult to get out of them and take a while to get sometimes.

  7. My thoughts are with him…
    and I have a thought inspired by him and so many others like him, why do we as tattoo and piercing professionals rarely if ever have medical insurance, or something like Aflec where if we are out of work for medical reasons they pay us. There must be a way we can get discounted insurance as body art professionals, like joining a body art professionals association for a $1 a year that provides insurance at a group rate or something? Is something like that even possible? Just throwing it out there

  8. Hope things get better real fast ran. Maddest artist I know and a top guy at that. All the best man, get well soon!

  9. If you’re using paypal then make sure it’s a “personal” transfer so you can avoid the fees. Should go without saying but just in case….

  10. Yup, I can vouch for TAC help. Motorbike injury in 2005, they help anyone in Victoria injured. They may or not pay Loss of Income depending on factors, like were they drivng/riding/whatever illegally at the time (drugs in system etc). I got roughly $750/week taxfree for 3 years for my injury loss of income which you need official payslips to provide for 1-3 months from memory in the past 12 months to get the Loss Of Income $$$. I was 40% body impaired, ‘lost’ my arm use from nerve damage (it’s half recovered since then luckily) and got a payout of enough not to care to look for work for probably 10 years and live comfortably as I might have never work again or take ages to get good enough to work. Still not working 5 years later but I’m getting well enough to look this or next year

    Wishing him the best but best advice was said, get him or family to apply for TAC ASAP so if it’s accepted all costs are paid for ‘medically wise’, job income wise is mentioned above if they do or don’t get that….

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