One Hour Tattoo – Ran Maclurkin

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to get tattooed again but the day we were leaving Melbourne, I had to let Trevor finish what he had left of the background on my right calf. I wasn’t sure if he was going to have time for a second session so I had made an appointment later that same day with Ran Maclurkin of The Piercing Urge. The tour team and I had spent the day prior to the tattoo interviewing Ran, Matt and Pete for the tour videos and interviews that we’re doing. As I had explained before, I’m getting a series of skull tattoos to fill up the front and sides of my thighs while I’m out on the road. I really liked Ran‘s “Abstract Noir” style of tattooing and wanted to get a piece from him. He’d already tattooed Chez‘s thigh the day before. I decided to ask Ran if he’d do me the honor of being the second in my series of “One Hour Tattoo” video and he said yes!

Check out the video and I hope you enjoy it!


Due to weird inconsistencies with the “Auto-Play”, I’ve moved the video to behind the jump. Click the image to go to the post to watch the video or click more.

The next installment of the “One Hour Tattoo” will be from Josh Roelink at TatuDharma in Sydney! No, I didn’t make these out of order, I’m heading back to Sydney for a couple days before we head off from the land of kangaroos and awesome.

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  1. You shouldn’t have the videos start automatically since now you have two videos with two songs that are trying to play at the same time. Just a suggestion. Otherwise the videos are kind of neat.

  2. Sorry about the autoplay. It was on for less than 5 minutes before I fixed it, right before I went to bed. I don’t know how it turned back on for Rhys’s video but it’s annoyingly the default for embedded videos.

    If it’s still auto-playing for you please post and let me know, though I don’t know what I can do to fix it since it’s off for me.

    Pete: Thanks for the link, I’ll add it to the entry.

  3. Love his work! I’m so happy I was able to get tattooed by him before we left Melbourne. Seriously, folks… Check this guy out!

  4. they’re both still on autoplay for me.

    i was thinking “I wonder if she’s going to get any colour” and out whips the red, that looks so badass. Have you brought some ideas with you for these beforehand or are you just telling them “theme is skulls – dazzle me”?

  5. Love it! The simple black with bits of red is great. And the little swirls with dots around it are also cool. Did that really only take an hour?

  6. Sam, we timed it and it only took 54 minutes! The tattoo that he did on my thigh (which is pretty big) only took an hour and a half!

  7. Botexty: That’s weird. It’s not autoplaying for me. Do me a favor and right click on the window and select “view text” and see if it says “Autoplay =false” for you.

    Basically I’m getting skulls and letting the artist run with that so that I get something that’s done in their style. It’s a cool way to get tattooed by great tattooers from around the world that I would not normally be able to get work done by. I’m pretty stoked that Josh is fitting me in as he’s got a closed waiting list that’s 3 years long! That’s on May 4th but I may get something else done when we’re up in Brisbane/Gold Coast area.

    I’m mostly getting work done on the front and sides of my thighs. Rans tattoo was a little bigger than I was thinking but he put a lot of our own conversation into the piece and really made it his own so I let him go with it! He tattoos differently than I’ve ever experienced and it was super cool.

    I hope you guys like the videos!

  8. okay so they’re no longer autoplaying for me now

    three years! and i was unimpressed my local tattooist ( if you’re still looking for places when you come back over to Sydney) was booked up for eight months, man you’d really want to making that tattoo count if you had three years to think it through!

    that’s what i was hoping you’d say, that you’re letting them run with only basic direction (and approval – i’m sure you’d have different levels of willingness to someone wanting to do a scub-skull as opposed to a depiction of skullfucking on your thigh for forever :-S), as if you’ve got your set idea beforehand you could get anyone to do who works in that style, as it’s just transfering from point A (your head) to point B (paper) to point C (your body). whereas this way it’s a lot more to their personal strengths. i think that’s awesome.

  9. Rachel: Love the songs that have gone with the videos in this series. Chuck a line in saying what artist & song it is next time!

  10. I CAN NOT wait until this article is off the front page
    because the video autoplaying is driving me craaaaaaazy

  11. Chrome Users: I don’t know what to tell you about the videos not working in chrome. We’re using the built in wordpress methods for posting the videos so I can’t do anything to change that.

    For people who are still having the videos auto play despite the settings clearly being set to false, what browsers are you using? All you have to do is hit stop and they’ll stop playing. It really only takes a second or two of your time to make the video stop. There is nothing I can do to fix this if it’s an issue with chrome only.

  12. I’m using Internet Explorer, not chrome. I know it’s not a big deal, it just slows my computer right down which is mildly annoying.

  13. soooks…BME supports us all and all u can do is bitch about autoplay………. on my mac and pc it doesnt auto play and works on safari, chrome and explorer…..seriously is it that much of an issue….be greatful people are working hard to share body art with you.

    Ok cheers for the positive feedback, was great to meet the BME crew, ill be honest i was not very versed in the BME ways, but have now had a look around and am impressed with the level the site is maintained and amazed at what we all do to ourselves….. i was honored to tattoo Racheal and Chez both great ladies, who let me do my thing, i hope one day to get over to usa and catch up with them again. xo

  14. Alright. I’ll have to figure out a different way to display the videos then. The way the rest of the videos are requires the files to be a lot larger and we have to upload multiple copies of the video which is not easy with the limited bandwidth that we have for uploading files. 🙁

    I’ll get looking into what the issues are and what we can do to fix it.

  15. Okay, we’ve installed Chrome and tested it and it works immediately after install without any fuss. I don’t know what to do otherwise to try to resolve the issue other than ask people who are running chrome to check their quicktime settings and please report back to us about it as we’re going to have a lot of videos starting in about two weeks.

    Mike said there was an option that can be set to block quicktime or override settings that I set, such as auto play etc.

    “As for the auto-play, I don’t have a windows box to confirm with IE, but I recall that Quicktime has a setting (outside of the browser — in the actual QT preferences) to disable auto-play or enable it. I think this is probably overriding the option you’re putting on the player.”

    We’ve tested it in IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox on both PC and Mac and I’m not able to recreate the problems that people are reporting with it either not displaying the videos at all or the auto-play going anyway. The only other thing that I can do is to upload the videos to youtube but I really don’t want to put BME content over there so that readers get sent over there.

  16. I’ve made a work around for the autoplay. I just put a screen shot of the video on the main page and now you have to click through to get the video. I’ll do that from now on until we figure out a different method for posting. Either that or I can export the videos as FLV and use the previous method of posting videos. It just means more time spent exporting the videos. 🙁

  17. Go Ran!
    a big howdy to all the Piecing Urge crew.

    Pete- thanks again for the Daith

  18. PeteD3,
    Dude, I cant find you anywhere on the interwebs.
    Send me your iam/myspace/facebook/whatever links would ya!!!!!!

  19. well, it’s working on chrome for me, and it didn’t autoplay.

    great video, i really wasn’t expecting the red at the end and that was a cool touch

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