A fresh take on leaf rubbing

For those of you not familiar with the term “leaf rubbing”, it’s when you take a leaf from a tree (or other plant) and place it underneath piece of paper, then gently rub a crayon or charcoal across the paper, creating the impression of the leaf.  For Christiano Aielli, he does things a little differently.

To start, he cuts out the shape of the leaf, then he follows that by rubbing ink into the wound.  The result is a little different than the traditional method, as you can see below.

42 thoughts on “A fresh take on leaf rubbing

  1. I still think having a marijuana leaf etched on you, in ink or otherwise, is trashy and just as bad as the trash who walk around with gold-foil weed leaf designs on their hoodies. Lame. Nicely executed however.

  2. @ Jon: At least it’s on his upper thigh where nobody will see it unless he’s practically naked…

    I’m kind of curious to see how this heals up. What color is the ink anyway? Red? Am I missing something? It doesn’t look like there’s ink…

  3. i think its cool. theres nothing trashy about marijuana unless your closed mind associates it with a trashy lifestyle.

  4. @ ayyo: Speak for your own particular cultural context. Here in New Zealand, and the stoners would disagree with me here because of their opaque and biased lense, marijuana users are generally lower-class. All of the people I’ve ever known to have regularly used marijuana have had personal problems, money problems, relationship problems, couldn’t keep a job, etc, etc. I’m not saying everyone is like that, but I will say that the majority are like that. You can disagree all you want, but your personal experience can only speak to the culture-specific upbringing and experiences you have had.

    I put marijuana on the same level as salvia divinorum. I don’t think they should be prohibited simply because dumb people use them. They’re not on the same level as amphetamines or LSD or anything that detrimental. Though salvia divinorum in its toxicity and after-effects has less an impact than marijuana, I consider both of them to be fine for responsible adults. If they ban salvia divinorum, it’ll move to the drug dealers like marijuana has and then we’ll see a bunch more problems with it.

    And because people will put words in my mouth I’ll put it out there that I also disagree with the contention that marijuana is a gateway drug. It’s the prohibition that forces it into the hands of drug dealers who sell harder drugs alongside the marijuana that causes people to go from mary-jane to harder drugs. Bazinga!

  5. Its a beautiful! Nicely exccuted!

    I still dont get why everyone is so judgement of people on here. We all choose to modify ourselves, don’t we? Or are you just on this site to talk negatively about others and what they choose to do to their own bodies. People are forgetting that this is an art, our bodies are the canvas. If this is what this person wanted and you don’t like it, then look the other way…just like the people on the street should do when they see something they dont like about you.

  6. I am confused. I see no ink. Are there other later pictures? I’ve had numerous cut pieces done on myself and seen many more on others. Even a few with ink rubbing.

    This looks like any other fresh cut. Very well done but still.

    I will opt out of the whole Marijuana Debate. Though I must say I found Jon P’s
    statement offensive and …lame.

  7. I also found Jon P’s statement very offensive and ignorant.
    I am in NZ too Jon P and I am a marijuana user who has none of the issues you bought up. The fact that you have only known pot smokers with these issues probably has more to do with the people you associate with and not the drug itself.
    Anyway I think a better point is that as consenting adults we all have the right to mark our body as we see fit and you have the right to state your opinion.

    I think this is a really awesome piece and I hope we get to see a healed photo :)

  8. I think the point should be made, the very fundamental point, that just because you don’t agree with a law, you do not have the right to break it. Marijuana is illegal, impairs the senses, and is a DRUG. If you get caught under the influence and end up going through the justice system, it serves you right.

  9. @Suzanne: I think the ink was red? In the gallery there is a healed pic and it looks like it’s just a scar… but not? Idk.

  10. Uh what if this person has medical weed or something… You really have no idea and can’t judge them based on your personal experiences

  11. Jon, if you’re really this much too cool for anyone with an alternative lifestyle, be it drugs or modifications, why do you hang out on modblog so much? You’re clearly superior to every one in every possible way.

    How about you let us hang out here and enjoy our modifications and other lifestyle choices and you go elsewhere? You were threatening to ‘leave the community’ about four/five years ago, why don’t you use this as your final push?

    -Caitlin, who smokes occasionally, and has two degrees and no criminal record or ‘opaque lens’. And also has Maori blood but doesn’t need to remind people of that fact constantly.

  12. Whoa there, Caitlin, take a breath. Step back and look at the several silly things you just posted about me, let them simmer, then think about how you may in fact be wrong. This is a blog, it’s not IAM, it’s a public display for anyone, not just IAM members. And I don’t think anyone’s “Maoriness” has come up for quite some time, though you may have quite a long memory and possibly be getting a bit mixed up?

    And as I posted previously, marijuana is fine for responsible adults. It’s dumb asses that cause problems for everyone else. With two degrees, and lacking a criminal record, one would think you’d be wise enough not to break the laws of a country that you’re not an actual citizen of? Perhaps if you were living in your own country you might be at liberty to disagree with its laws, but as a visitor to another country, you might want to at least recognise them.

  13. Hi guys,
    i just wanted to answer to people that are wondering if it’s an ink rubbing or not.
    The picture you see is still without ink, i did upload another picture with the work
    after a little more than one month, if you check my gallery you’ll be able to see it,
    thank for the comments concerned the job itself!

  14. *Sigh* While I smoke weed a fair bit, but I don’t see what Jon P said that was offensive. He stated that marijuana tattoos look tacky. Nothing about marijuana users being trashy, but I don’t see why you permanently carve one into your body. I think getting anything drug or alcohol related permanently placed on your body is a good idea (surely there are more important aspects of life one could get tattooed/scarred onto themselves). Getting offended off someone’s comment could be seen as closed minded, it’s just an opinion (which I feel is good for discussion)

  15. Caitlin, what does anything that jon p said have to do with you having 2 degrees and maori blood? Do you think that makes you a good person? Or makes you right? You’re taking an opportunity to brag about yourself and it comes across as pathetic.
    Also, I agree with everything jon p said.
    The work is done well but it looks trashy.

  16. I think mass produced keychains and buttons with pot leaves on them look trashy.

    This? no. It’s a well-done ink rubbing. This isn’t anything like bad simpson’s porn tattoos or 2girls1cup etc. It’s a leaf. And it’s not on his forehead – he doesn’t have to show anyone in public if he doesn’t want. I could understand you guys saying “I am not a fan of the subject matter,” but I do not understand this whole “trashy” thing.

  17. Love the way it looks! And I don’t think its trashy at all. Even though I do agree that generally the folks who wear clothes that are pro-marijuana are pretty damn trashy. I honestly believe the reason why is BECAUSE there’s all that judgment and stereotypea the”classy” responsible and respectable Stoners don’t advertise that fact. I can’t tell you how many employers have told me I’m a god send and their best employee yet and maintain that they NEVER hire a drug user cause they are terrible lazy people who steal. It’s ridiculous and silly, and obviously is quite similar to the negative assumptions people make when they see your mods. So fucking props to him for being able to wear it proud! Same way I give props to people that love their face tattoos and have the balls to put up with all the shit people who don’t probably give them. I wanted to get a small tattoo to cover up self inflicted scars and was briefly considering a marijuana leaf. Since that’s what’s helped me the most/given me back my sanity. And honestly I don’t ever want to be ashamed of the fact that I need weed again, but sadly I’m still not one hundred percent comfortable with it and would rather be able to hide my use easily. FYI the only money problems I’be ever had were from medical bills when I was trying to be a good little girl who didn’t smoke. But had to take ativan and xanax everyday to prevent herself from throwing up everything she ate (most people get butterflies in their stomach when they are nervous, I get swarms of butterflies from anxiety). Everyone is entitled and welcome to thier biases, but I try to keep them to myself rather than criticize.

  18. Without read everyone’s comments I am going to throw in my two cents:

    Nicely cut, I’d like to see how it heals. That being said, I think the subject matter is…immature, for lack of a better word. I don’t see marijuana as setting people apart by class, in fact I could care less about class differentiations and would like to see them absolved. I do however relate the whole topic to being very juvenile, especially the need to let others know that you get high.

  19. I love the detail on this, it’s lovely. How does the ink rubbing work? I don’t really get it… I’m going to check out the healed pics.
    As for the subject matter… I hate weed (well, drugs in general) and I have my own personal reasons for it. However, I have friends who smoke or do whatever they do, and it’s fine as long as:
    A. You’re not near me when you’re high and/or drunk.
    B. You don’t have it out while I’m around, especially if it’s weed.
    C. You never ask me to join you.
    I see it as something that is not my business unless it’s disrupting my life. People use for all sorts of reasons, not because they are trashy, stupid, and useless.

  20. im gonna just chime in here and say…HOW do we know this is a leaf from a marijuana plant? I mean “Japanese Maple Leaves” look almost identical..

    I know cos I just googled it lol

  21. @ theawkwardkid

    well its a fair point…I don’t see anywhere in the original post it SAYING its a marijuana leaf….everyones just jumping to conclusion :P

  22. “I think the point should be made, the very fundamental point, that just because you don’t agree with a law, you do not have the right to break it. Marijuana is illegal, impairs the senses, and is a DRUG. If you get caught under the influence and end up going through the justice system, it serves you right.”

    Lol, you are a brainwashed joke ffs. So it’s the law/governments/corporations that should make decisions on what we can do with our choices, lives and bodies? What the fuck are you doing on this website then? You are aware that in some countries tattooing on face and hands (Denmark for example), suspensions etc. are prohibited by law, aren’t you? What about countries where homesexuality is outlawed? Or you think your government is more worthy of trust?

    Judging from what you wrote, you know fuck all about drugs except propaganda which is designed to keep the likes of you in their place. Quite incredible to read on Modblog that those who make decisions for themselves have to be punished, GTFO

  23. Nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. I do but purely recreational. I never do it before I go to work or school, I’ve got a great relationship with my boyfriend and I have no family issues, no kids and I never don’t have money, I’ve also got 3 qualifications behind me so I’m not stupid either John P’s comments were a bit stereotyped and certainly don’t apply to everyone. As long as what ever you do to yourself isn’t harming anyone else, what business is it of anyones to say otherwise? We all know drugs are bad mmmkay but so is drinking, smoking tobacco, eating Mc Donalds, using your cellphone(apparently), being subjected to harsh chemicals (which I am alot as I’m a panel beater) and downloading music..

  24. We all read your comments, Jon. ModBlog just isnt the place to talk shit about other peoples choices.

  25. 1) I said marijuana is fine for responsible adults.
    2) I made it clear I don’t believe marijuana to be a gateway drug.
    3) I said that laws shouldn’t be broken, more specifically just because you disagree with a law, you don’t have the right to break it.

    Which of those three do you disagree with?

    I can understand people disagreeing with my opinion that marijuana tattoos, scars, etc. are trashy and similar to the trash who wear marijuana-emblazoned clothing. That’s merely an opinion. Note that I also stated I think this is a well-executed piece. The above three contentions I believe to be axiomatic.

    So again I’ll ask, to all the naysayers, which of the above three statements do you disagree with?

    And by stating them, or even merely stating an opinion, I somehow have less right to participate in a comments section of a public blog than the pro-marijuana crew (I am not of the anti-marijuana crew, note statement number one)?

    And I’M the close-minded one?

  26. Oh, and I think it would be quite funny if any of you people commenting negatively about my comments own a BMEAotearoa shirt. That was the design I created, so you might want to mull that over if you think I’m such an irrational bigot.

  27. Jon P, if you have ever read the comments on this site, you would have expected a lot of naysayers not reading your comments and calling you small minded. You Goose!

  28. @ Jon P. You are a moron. the only people you know of that smoke pot have money issues? are lower class? are dumb? Let me shed a little light into your absolutely closed-minded self…Ever hear of carl sagan? you know, that astrophysicist who was the greatest of his time? yeah he smoked pot. You know arlnold schwarzennegar? the guy who won mr olympia 8 straight times, became a governor of a US state, even after moving here in his early twenties without knowing a lick of english? yeah, he smoked pot. most actors smoke, most band members, politicians, the owner of virgin mobile, monks, spiritual thinkers, and, the most widespread of them all, the worldly youth. you have no idea about anything that you have said, and the fact that you are alive and able to post things like that makes me doubt the further existence of our species. you are an idiot and should not be allowed to reproduce.

  29. @ Jon P. the fact that marijuana is illegal is just stupid. have you even looked at why its illegal? its a plant, dude. a plant. and youre going to live your life by what others tell you? fine. do it. youre the kind of person that is holding back the progression of human consciousness. Also, i find it funny that you contradicted yourself: You said that it was ok for responsible adults to smoke marijuana. well, even if “responsible adults” smoked it, wouldnt it still be illegal? you think you are smart, but we all know you arent. you dont have any idea of whats going on outside of your little island home of new zealand. so why dont you just go and live in the mines of moria with your other hobbit friends.

  30. RIGHTS?! youre going to talk to me about rights? our rights were givin to us by the same people who gave us laws. of course they wouldnt want us to break them. that would mean that we can think for ourselves and not be controlled. and, as we all know, government is a HIGHLY controlling disease that we need to rid ourselves of to continue moving forward.

  31. So I should blindly follow laws, just because they are laws? That’s right Jon, buddy, just get in line. Don’t question things man. Big Brother says its bad, so it must be bad, and if we get caught doing it “it serves us right” whatever punishments the government has ready for us (e.g. years in prison for a few hours of altering my own person brain chemistry and not affecting or hurting anyone). But oh no! It’s a DRUG! Ah, the ‘D’ word. You can go back to your alcohol, your addictive caffeine, and cigarettes, just PLEASE don’t get involved with DRUGS. After all it will ruin your life, make you crazy, and then your doctor will have to prescribe you “medicine” like physically addicting anti-depressants. It also nice of you to acknowledge that “responsible adults” can use marijuana, yet you assume most of them are lower class and deserve to go to prison.

    Too bad you weren’t born in Nazi Germany some70 years ago so you could practice not questioning all the intelligent laws Hitler made. Sounds nice, after all, you’d have no right to say what the government was doing was wrong, and I mean, why would you? Big brother is never wrong man, you seem to know this.

    (Also big lol at LSD being “more detrimental” than salvia.)

  32. Jon P thinks that LSD is detrimental.
    Jon P thinks that Meth and LSD produce around the same amount of harm.
    …Even though LSD is known and proven to be even more safe than Cannabis.

    I infer that Jon P is a very judgmental individual, and associates marijuana use with a trashy lifestyle.

    From that, we should know that he is not quite to the point of enlightenment. Therefore, we should all ignore him.

  33. Jon P. I forgot people like you existed. Smoke a j and fuckin’ open your mind. Dear lord.

  34. PS: I thought the modification was scarification. That’s what it looked like to me.

  35. Damn, reading back over my comments from a few years back, wht the fuck was I thinking?

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