Comes A Time Tattoo (DC metro area) is looking for 1 talented tattooist.

I figured, since I have often times posted wanted ads on here for others, it is only fair  I do so once for myself.

My shop, Comes A Time Tattoo, in Fairfax, VA (20 minutes outside of DC) is looking for one talented tattoo artist to join our crew.  While, I myself do not own the shop, I will be handling the hiring process.

First off, what we are looking for. We want an experienced talented artist with a portfolio to back it up. If you are not already licensed to tattoo in the state of VA, we would expect you to meet the requirements, and be willing to take the steps necessary to become licensed. We are an easy going, laid back shop and expect someone of the same mindset. Ego’s and drama are two things that will absolutely not be tolerated. Even though we are laid back, we expect any employee to take their job seriously. We need someone willing to work a set schedule and to be here from open to close  on those days.

What we have to offer. Whoever we hire will get to work in an extremely nice shop, in a busy (and very affluent) area. Our first time clients almost always compliment our shops decor and lay out. They will have a nice private locked room, with their own sink.


For pictures of the shop, please check out our website. If interested in the position, please email me via the link below this article with my picture that says “email this author” (you have to click through for the link).

2 thoughts on “Comes A Time Tattoo (DC metro area) is looking for 1 talented tattooist.

  1. no shit! i was about to come in today to get a tattoo (it’s only 3:30pm, the day is young). maybe it’s a sign…


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