The Eternal Struggle

It is the end of days.  The fate of the world hangs in the balance between the forces of good and evil.  The champions have been chosen.   Two young boys, innocent prior to being selected, have been imbued with untold powers.  When the battle is over, only one shall remain, the victor claiming the fate of the world for his own, the other, dead, and with him all of the power that was given to him.

With the defeat of their champion the losing side will forever be vanquished, never to return, leaving the world forever in the grips of good or evil.  Who do you think will win?

Roger from Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA was the artist chosen by both sides to create these images of the boys immediately before the battle.

5 thoughts on “The Eternal Struggle

  1. It was a lot harder for me to do the evil kid, but very rewarding. I say the good twin takes it. Helps me sleep at night to think that good could outlast evil. I’m Canadian too, but I don’t rock a beard.

  2. The customer came in with a washed out black and gray copy of something similar to this. It’s been a while, he mentioned the book it came out of, but I was to eager to get started that I forgot.

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