BMEtv – Dan Montgomery

For today’s BMEtv video we’ve got a special treat for you.  The BME World Tour gang had a chance to sit down with Dan Montgomery, and talk to him about life with a prosthetic eye.  When Dan was young he had an accident with a pair of scissors, which left him blind in one eye.  Due to complications later in life, he had to have the eyeball removed, and has since lived with what is commonly referred to as a glass eye.

Dan’s extremely well spoken, and it’s definitely worth the time to check out the interview.

To hear the rest of Dan’s story, keep on reading!

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7 thoughts on “BMEtv – Dan Montgomery

  1. Yay for Dan! (He’s my partner, for anyone who doesn’t know, haha.) He NEVER EVER takes his prosthesis out in front of people, so you guys don’t even know how we had to talk him into this. :)

  2. Awesome, Dan! For those of you who don’t know Dan (the father of my future grandchild, due later this year, hooray!) I can say you’d probably not know he only has one “real” eye unless someone told you. Great job on this interview, Dan…you’re a star!

  3. The mirror-flipping in the video kind of weirded me out, haha. His face isn’t symmetrical, and combined with the angles of the cameras, his eyes look a LOT wonkier in the video than I think they do in real life. His prosthetic eye is incredibly realistic, though, and if anything, people just think he has a slight wandering eye or something.

  4. This is so awesome, especially since I had no idea what a glass eye really looked like… the more you know, eh? The entire time I was sitting around thinking “whoa, this is so freaking cool!”

    Thanks for sharing with us, Dan!

  5. I really wanted to watch the video but it won’t load :( Is there anywhere else I can watch it?

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