Hey, it really is a racing snail!

I know this is probably from something else, but all I see when I look at this tattoo is the racing snail from The Neverending Story.

Tattoo by Roger LaDouceur from Star City Tattoos in Roanoke, VA

6 thoughts on “Hey, it really is a racing snail!

  1. I would be proud to have this on my body. This is an great piece.

  2. how adorable! its neat seeing work thats more painterly, and less outlined. i want some like that myself, but i do wonder how they will hold up with time, and aging of skin.

  3. This is from a Brian Despain piece. I love his work. The piece is now 2 years old and looks the same as the day I did it. I have another from the same artist on my page. It’s an octopus riding a robot. Thank you all very much, yall made me blush.

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