Healed Heart

I was going to use this as today’s follow-up post, but I couldn’t track down a fresh photo, so you’ll just have to make due with the healed version instead.  I also was going to make some kind of “wearing your heart on your sleeve” joke, but then I remember the scar isn’t on them, but is part of them.

With this photo you can really get a sense of how scars can heal differently depending on their location on the body.  Of course this unpredictability is part of the process in scarification.  While you can do things to help the scar along, in the end your body is going to make the final decision on how you heal.  Which leads to one of the main draws of scarification, that it is something extremely personal, as you yourself created the final product.  Granted, none of that could be possible without the initial cutting by the artist.  In this case, the artist is Christiano Aielli, from Steel & Colors in Ferrera, Italy.

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