Hello Micro-Kitty

I will never doubt this woman’s commitment to sparkle motion ever again. I know some pretty intense Hello Kitty fans, but to get that many microdermals in the shape of said kitty is beyond what any of them would do.  This is fandom.  Take note, she also has Hello Kitty plugs, and those cheek piercings are pretty cute too.

Bart Bastiaanse from Tribal Trading Tilburg in The Netherlands painstaking crafted this portrait out of 75 individual microdermals.  My count may be wrong, so if your eyesight is better than mine, go ahead and count them.  Bart uploaded a few pictures of this project, including some of him in action.  They’re located in the Tribal Trading Portfolio Gallery.

12 thoughts on “Hello Micro-Kitty

  1. That’s both amazing, and super cute. I also love the plugs and the cheek piercings! (And her makeup. The whole thing suits her so well)

  2. Hello Kitty is my favorite…I love this! Too bad its guaranteed they wont ALL heal and stay forever :(

  3. I hope this heals up and stays this beautiful forever, even if the odds are against it.

  4. @Lena & HelloLion: Tribal Trading has had surprisingly good results with other projects like this, so don’t count this one out just yet.

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