Winged Guardian

So many images come to mind when I look at this scar.  On one hand I see a representation of an angel, on the other I see a comic book hero striking a pose.  It could also be a character from a video game.  Which is what I think I like most about the piece.   It could be any one of those things, or it could be something completely different altogether.  It allows the viewer to see whatever they want to see, without taking away from the beautiful scar that will be left behind by the cutting.

You can see more of MaRTWy’s scars in the skin removal scarification gallery.

7 thoughts on “Winged Guardian

  1. my first thought was the mothman prophecies. it is super gorgeous, i love the intricate pattern throughout the body.

  2. looks cool fresh, but id like to see how that heals…might not end up looking how they anticipate.

  3. Not a fan at all. Great idea, but doesn’t translate well for a scar. Not to mention the technical aspect is off

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