Happy birthday Jim Ward, Happy International Body Piercing Day to the world!

I am sure most of you are quite familiar with the “birthday spankings” tradition. For those that are not, it generally works like this; on someone’s birthday they receive one spanking for each year they have lived and occasionally “one to grow on”. However, in some instances, someone reach such levels of greatness and respect that they are able to turn the birthday tradition around. Rather than be spanked themselves, they get to spank someone else, such as this buff young man (Aaron) dressed in a Spiderman get up.


In the piercing world, one of the few people deserving of this sort of respect is obviously Jim Ward. His contributions to my industry gave me a career that I have loved for the last 14 years and I, like most others hold him with the utmost of respect. To learn more about the man, the myth, the legend himself, why don’t you pick up the book he wrote that I previously reviewed?

Also, be damn sure to take a moment to wish, Jim Ward a happy birthday today!

To forever honor Jim, Barry a long time friend of his and founder of Anatometal has taken the initiative to make his birthday into a world wide holiday , International Body Piercing Day. This holiday may never get a special card section at Hallmark, but if it’s facebook page is any indicator it is certainly catching on in our little world!

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jim Ward, Happy International Body Piercing Day to the world!

  1. Happy birthday, Jim! Perhaps in the same spirit of you reversing the spanking tradition I’ll reverse the tradition of gift giving and order your book.

  2. SOOO GOOD! he was so slow and passionate with each spank:) made it so much better:)

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