Happy birthday, Brian Decker!

It seems like just yesterday, Shawn was asking me if I had heard of “this Brian Decker guy in NY”. I hadn’t. Shawn told me Brian was some piercer getting into doing heavy mod work.  We both assumed that, like most all other,piercers getting into heavier mod work at the time, he had to be a hack. Needless to say he did a helluva job proving us both wrong and is now one of the biggest and most respected names in piercing/ body modification.

For his heavy mod work, his contributions to the evolution of body piercing, his work with ROP and his ability to survive off nothing more than pop tarts for extended periods of time he deserves a big fat Happy Birthday from myself, all the fine folks at BME as well as the modified community at large.

So happy freaking birthday, you delightfully bitter old fart!


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Brian Decker!

  1. Thanks so much, Sean, but that’s the best picture you could find of me?

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