Guess What?

After last week’s guess what, I figured the next one should go back to basics.  As much as everyone loved the plate of mystery meat, sometimes it’s nice just to look at a photo and guess where the piercing is located.

Yes there is blood, and yes that’s a CBR.  And those will be the only hints you’ll get.

Think you know what it is?  Take a guess and keep on reading to see if you’re right.

If you guessed a princess albertina, then step right up and collect your prize.  This is one of the rarer piercings simply due to the anatomical requirements, and the risks involved (i.e. increased chance of bladder infections).

20 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. i cant see the full size, to zoom in… but it looks almost as if they pierced the whole thing shut… like a PA with a forchette combo

  2. You don’t technically piss out of your vagina, that’s for menstral blood, sex, and babies. There’s a lot going on down there though, so I don’t blame you.

  3. well not forchette per-se, but it seems like someone has an amazingly tight vagina that they just pierced shut, hence why it would seem like a female PA.

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