Supa sized branding

I did a quick search for Supa in the archives and didn’t turn up any results, which is a shame because we’ve all been missing out on taking a look at the incredible brandings that he has on his head.

Supa is a member of Kaptive8 Suspension Crew who just opened up a BME Gallery of their own, so we should be seeing a lot more from Supa and the rest of the crew.  Anti, Supa’s teammate from Kaptive8 did the brandings.

20 thoughts on “Supa sized branding

  1. heh exact words out of my mouth, “damn, that is a lot of branding”

    I’d like to see how this will change with age when his skin changes.

  2. he looks like a monster. why in the hell would anyone destroy there body like that? this is the last time I will look at this site.

  3. Clarence – that was a lot of flounce for a bit of branding.

    I think the combination of all of his mods is stunning!

  4. Clarence – I kinda want to eat your face, strictly because your name sounds like Clariiiiiice. You’ve inspired a Hannibal Lector mood in me! ;)

    The dude obviously likes branding. Get off his case. If he’d gone with tattoos instead of branding would that have suited your palate?

    I’d like to see him meditating on the edge of a desert oasis. What a sight that would be!

  5. The hole in the conch is bigger than the lobe’s xD

    Clarence, please never come back.

  6. wow
    i love the unhumane look
    but his exprsion is still so human
    i realy love the the way looks
    remindes me of some sort of demon / crauture from some sort of old book or fairy tail
    a sort of whise man thing
    i fucking love it

  7. @ Clarence “this is the last time I will look at this site.”

    and a collective ‘noooooooooooo’ sarcastically comes up from the BME masses :P


    Supa is just well…just that…SUPA!!…ha! see Rob, your not the only one who can have bad word play lol

    but seriously though that is some awesome work, and I love the contrast with the asymmetrical tattoo work on the other side…I love when you get that…hell I have part similar myself with ‘tribal’ (I hate using that word given it just gives a lot of impression of flash) custom work and a dash of stars on the other side..

    in closing..
    good work Supa! :D

  8. Meow- He’s 32, half the aging has been done X-D haha
    Clarence- He’s one of the nicest people I’ve EVER met. He would never say anything like that to another person. Just shows who’s the better individual. Good riddance!
    Congratulations Supa, Your mug is hella gorgeous and everyone agrees =)

  9. I can’t see why would someone call this guy a monster.
    I mean, his mods are extremely… tidy. Neat. How do you say that in English?
    Whatever, you get the point.

    REALLY badass & impressive stuff, but still, huh… how would you say that, again? …very sensible and clever?

    Now, does he have a sister?

  10. I looked at his photo for a good period of time and it suddenly dawned on me that I was looking THROUGH his ear! Incredible!

    I fear his conch is larger than my lobes 0.o Beautiful!

  11. Hello everyone thank you for all your kind words <3

    @Clarence it is not my intention to look like a monster as much as to be myself through this journey called life, my life world and loves just might be a little bit or a lot a bit (hehe a lot a bit, sorry found that amusing) different then yours but I’m sure we both were told when we were young to just be ourselves and that is all that I am doing.

    @Meow DF is right I am 32 and I started the brand at 24 and covers from front of neck to the back of my neck but most of it you cant see anymore because I heal like a mutant, lol. Also at this point I have lost track of how many hours but it is well over 40.

    @Jon P actually I don’t like getting branded and am petrified of being burned alive. So in facing a fear and marking a loss of a fallin family member I chose to get almost the same three lines under my eye and add my own section to face my fear. It then has progressed into the ways I feel at times in my life, each section changes and it is all free hand. My brother draws while we talk if I don’t like how something feels while he is drawing, he goes back in our conversation to change it and once we are done drawing I don’t look we burn then I look as its all based on how I feel not how I think it looks. :)

    My lobes are actually bigger. Lobes are 1 1/4 and Conches are 1″

    @DF Who are you hehe

    @spaghetti eater Thank you again and yes I have a beautiful sister who is very modified as well sorry though she is happily taken :)

    You guys will be seeing much more of me and what I have been up to and have going on. Don’t worry I have great sites to show you!!!


  12. @ Clarence, First a question. If you have issues such as what you see, why are you even here? Now let’s just say I have some knowledge on who Supa is, and he is telling the truth that he DOES “heal like a mutant,” I would say most of the branding that was done here is already healed over and quite unnoticeable. Even if he wanted the scars to remain (which he wouldn’t have done otherwise) they won’t, so no he will not look like a “nut case (your own words)” forever. Einstein once said “Let every man judge according to his own standards, by what he has himself read, not by what others tell him.” Perhaps this is not someone who “hates himself,” but embraces himself for the individuality, which he lets out through the modifications that he has indeed done to himself. These modifications ARE who he is. By writing him off as a “monster,” or “a nut case,” all you are reflecting is the stereotype of who’s, who. Who is aceptable, and who isn’t. In this world if someone doesn’t like what they look like, if it effects them mentally, and it has given them a depressive, self loathing attitude we say it is acceptable to go ahead and get that nose job, remove that birth mark, do what it takes to make yourself feel fulfilled. So why is it so monstrous to so the same thing with branding, or jewelry, or tattoo work? Who are we (as individuals) to decide what is beautiful, and what isn’t? I say if it is fulfilling to your mind and soul, do it. Make yourself better for you. One more question, I thought July 7th was “the last time I will look at this site,” What happened?

    That’s all! No more feeding the troll.

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