Never too young to start

At a sprightly 72 years young, this lovely lady strolled into Courtney Jane Maxwell’s studio, TRX tattoos and piercing in St.Louis, MO, and got herself a brand new nostril piercing.

It’s good to remember that the modified community is probably the most diverse one on the planet.  People young and old are bound together by the desire to change themselves to who they feel they should be.  And while she didn’t get anything considered “extreme”, I’m sure for her this was a significant event in her long life.  If anything, it put a smile on her face.

6 thoughts on “Never too young to start

  1. This lady was a riot! She waited until her husband died to get her nostril pierced because he didn’t want her to have one 🙂 And she wanted the biggest piece of jewelry we had!

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