The scars of anarchy

For today’s final scar piece, we’re going back to the beginning with another scar from Lary at Larypiercing in Finland.  There’s not much to say for this one as the work speaks for itself.  It’s super clean, even, and all the lines and nice and sharp.  You pretty much can’t ask for any better with a straight cutting piece.  Granted when you think of it, with something so precise and controlled, the subject matter is a little ironic.

7 thoughts on “The scars of anarchy

  1. very nice.

    though i feel i should say that anarchy does not negate precision or control.
    anarchy means without higher authority – not the same as chaos :P

  2. Anarchy and anarchism have the same root word, don’t they? Don’t hold me to that though. My guess is that anarchy only came to mean chaos as those in power wouldn’t want to legitimise the claims of anarchism (which is the political theory advocating the abolition of all forms of authority from the top-down). It’s about grass-roots control of human society. People doing things for themselves in a consensus-fashion. It’s like direct democracy. That must mean chaos to anyone with a vested interest in staying in power.

  3. Sorry Rob, but your comment about “subject matter” shows total lack of understanding of what anarchism is. Unlike what authorities want you to believe, it’s not about “disorder”, and definitely taking control over your decisions, your life etc from any “authorities” is an essential part of it. I suggest you read a few books on anarchism.

  4. The anarchy symbol could also stand for the Finnish band Apulanta, they use it as their logo…

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