Lets play a guessing game..

Alright, so I was going to make this a guess what, but it would have been painfully obvious.  Instead, we’re going to play a game called “How Flat Is It?”  Below you will see a (censored) photo of a penis in a plastic press.  You’ve seen these things before, so it’s nothing new.  With that in mind, how flat do you think he managed to get himself?

Make your guess, and read on to see if you were right.

Now here’s the first image uncensored…

And here’s how flat it is..

That’s what?  About 2mm?  Pretty darn flat if you ask me.

And if it isn’t obvious by now, this is a selection from our CBT – Cock Torture gallery.

36 thoughts on “Lets play a guessing game..

  1. I love how a lot of these photos seem to be taken in garages or workshops. Nothing sexier than body-play in a dusty, grubby garage. Nosireebob.

  2. Btw I think it’s probably more like 6mm. There’s more space towards the center than on the edges.

  3. That’s awesome, I knew it was possible but have never seen anything quite like it. Now that’s dedication to your fetish

  4. I did not know know it was possible to make a penis that flat. Interesting. I’m… at a loss, I want to know more about it…wow. It reminds me of the sections of anatomy, sliced n in-between glass. Just…

  5. @Phendraenima: Because he can and I’m guessing because he probably enjoys it. Who’s to stop him?

    Penises never cease to amaze me. They’re just so odd…

  6. hahaha i never would have imagined you could squish one that flat, either! sweeeet!

  7. You should have blurred the edge of the plastic press too that made it too easy :-)

  8. i wonder if it is (more?) painful in the areas towards the base of the penis where he had to drill wider holes for the bolts. also the pubic hair being pinched. i’d be intrigued to see an “after” shot once all the blood has rushed back in, or even better, a video of him releasing the pressure!

  9. do ya rekon it would stay flat like that for a while, or pop back up instantly?

  10. wow, thats impressive…though I gotta agree with Anthony here…..pube pinching….bad enough when you catch them on a condom with it pinching…dear christ that would cain lol

  11. Wow, that is seriously amazing, I didn’t know a penis could even do that! And we’ve all seem amazing things done to penises.
    I too am interested to know whether it still ‘works’, or at least to the level of a penis that has never been, erm ‘flattened’ =]

  12. In answer to some of the questions: yes, it works as well after as before. It does not hurt unless left flattened too long (like anything where the blood is cut off). Why do it? Because one can I guess. I experimented with many variations of cock torture in earlier years. The only thing I wished for was for a loving woman who would do it to me (being a male submissive). The urge is the same as why we pierce, bind, stretch, flatten, crush, or otherwhise restrict or modify any part of our bodies. Since the penis has no bones there is little to restrict what one does that doesn’t break the skin. Restricting the blood flow for over 30 minutes is both dangerous and somewhat painful when released. Up to an hours blood restriction may be recoverable. but longer can amount to casteration and may cause nerve damage in the surviving organ.

  13. yes!! It’s like the old cartoons when someone is run over by a steamroller!!! Too cool. And kudos for your dedication to the sport. An after release picture would be intriguing

  14. If I had a penis I’d try this. I imagine it would uncomfortable but in a pleasant way, like cracking a sore back or running water over a burn.

  15. Impressive. I didn’t think it was possible to get it that thin. But since I don’t have a penis (I’m a girl) I really don’t know what they are capable of. I always think it would be fun to have one for a few days to play with. But I love my vagina and all its possibilities. ;)

  16. THAT makes me want to go hide under my bed and never let anyone touch my penis ever again….

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