Hearing stars

I suppose you could consider this another follow-up, although I don’t have the “fresh” photo to share with you.  Ighlif (IAM: Eroswastika) is the artist responsible for putting this small silicone implant in.  It’s fully healed in this photo, and looks great.  Unless my eyes are playing tricks with me, I can’t even see an incision scar.

14 thoughts on “Hearing stars

  1. how is that even possible? the skin doesnt strike me as being particularly loose on that area. it looks incredible though!

  2. I really, really, REALLY want one. It doesn’t look like an implant, but a must have either way!

  3. It looks like the incision scar is just above the top point. That suturing must have been pristine, because it is barely there. Hiding it in the shadow of the ear fold was a smart choice too. Gorgeous work.

  4. hi!
    thanks for the compliments, yes the suture is the incision scar is just above the top point.
    I always do at that point because after the healing look invisible.
    the implant have 2 month. Sorry for my english, google translate helps me!

  5. incision scar is very well done – curves to the ear and is barely noticeable unless you look very close.

    i really like this idea…. i want one!!

  6. oh, thats so cute! Im a side sleeper, so that would be out of the question for me

  7. I have really wanted to do exactly this. But I went to see and artist about it and he said it could not be done on my ear because of the shape of my cartilage. Bummer. :(

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