The Spiral Trinity

Triskelions seem to be popular these days as it’s the second one we’ve seen in the past week, although in this case it’s a scar and not 33 microdermals.  This one in particular was done on Huxley by none other than Steve Haworth, while he was a guest artist at Piercings by J in Guelph, ON.

8 thoughts on “The Spiral Trinity

  1. Just tattooed one of these yesterday- kid let me know that one of the hot characters on MTV’s Teen Wolf has one in this same spot. Coincidence- think not.

  2. ^Valentine, I hear you on that one. I’d e-mailed Steve my design several weeks in advance, as it is something I’ve been thinking about for literally years, showed up to the shop to get it done, and found out the apprentice piercer was also getting a triskelion… *face-palm*. Oh well. It has personal meaning for me and I am super pleased with it.

  3. Beautiful. I have been thinking less and less about tattoos and more about scars as I have always been in love with what I call my battle wounds that I have collected over the years, mostly just from being very overly active in my youth. Never afraid to try anything twice.

    Simple and elegant!

  4. love it .. this is my best friend in the whole world and this just goes to show what a beautiful, interesting and brave person she is… i could never get this done… too wussy

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