Shining Star

We’ve seen microdermal projects similar to this one before, however this time it isn’t from the gang out in The Netherlands.  Chris Saint is from Santa Clarita, CA and he’s been experimenting with these projects for a while now.  With all piercings there is the possibility for rejection, which is increased in situations like there where he did 28 individual piercings.  What I like about this particular one is that he didn’t use the same size jewelry to give the star a bit of variety.  According to Chris this piece is still in place and he’ll be sending in some healed photos sometime soon.

You can see more of Chris’ work in his BME piercing portfolio.

3 thoughts on “Shining Star

  1. Thanks Rob and everyone at BME for posting more and more of my work lately it’s much appreciated, any day now i’ll have healed photos of this star so i’ll email them across

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