Just shrug it off

He calls it a 2pt deltoid suspension, I call it the “not a care in the world”.  Look at Supa there, you think he cares what anyone thinks?  He’s doing this for himself, and anything else he just shrugs off.

Image courtesy of The Kaptive8 Suspension Krew.

15 thoughts on “Just shrug it off

  1. I’s sure ‘Tony’ has unfortunately got the wrong end of the stick with the ‘look’ of Supa, or is just stereotyping :/

  2. oooooh he’s..wearing a hat and making a facial expression..he must be in a gang! hmmmm oh look at this other guy..my god..he has stripes on his shirt and took a left turn at the light. Neo -nazi for sure. Kitten-owner you say?! i say baby killer. My god. The horror.

  3. lol. but you do agree his tattoos stink. he needs a huge cover up. oh but wait. it’s cool to look like shit

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