First, I hope that everyone on the east coast is safe and secure after that shake-up that just hit Richmond.  I know a lot of IAM members live in the area close to the epicenter, including Rachel at BMEHQ.

Now then, as his name implies, Joeltron is a big fan of Tron.  How big you ask?  Well take a look at this Tron Recognizer tattoo on the side of his skull.

Naith from Absolution in New Zealand did this while at a guest spot in Sydney at First Blood.

9 thoughts on “Derezzed

  1. How is he tagged for everything BUT the sclera tattooing? It’s the most eye-catching (guffaw) mod visible on him!

  2. uh he also have a face full of implants i think like 8 implants in his face alone
    just saying

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