Is it pandering…

When someone submits a “Beard Love” tattoo?  Granted Lauranomaly probably loves all beards, so it’s not really pandering, but it sure is a good way to get me to take notice.  Anyone else think BME needs a beard gallery?

This will probably also be the finest use of the “Hearty Beards” tag.

9 thoughts on “Is it pandering…

  1. i vote YES! for a beard gallery ^_^ would be much appreciated from all the beard lovers here on bme…including me

  2. I vote yes for facial hair gallery after all I have seen some swanky mustaches without beards, lets not discriminate 🙂

  3. yes for a beard gallery! brooke, it’s not a wheezy waiter tattoo, but i’ll have to check him out. my best friend (IAM: AddisonMucha) and i spontaneously got these matching beard love tattoos in atlantic city, nj, last week.

  4. Add another “yes please” vote for a beard/stache gallery. Have any of you watched American Beardsmen yet?

  5. we need a beard gallery. any kind of body hair modification is body modification, so yes. plus, beards are beautiful and amazing.

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