Free Fall Suspension – The Birth

Ladies and gentlemen, BME is very happy to present to you “Free Fall Suspension – The Birth”.  This video, filmed by and starring The Sinner Team, chronicles their journey towards their now trademark free-fall suspensions.  From their early experiments with swinging from a bridge, to their first free-fall and beyond, Stanislav’s team has made tremendous strides when it comes to pushing the limits of suspension.  As you can see by the image below, these suspensions are extremely dangerous and should never be attempted without stringent safety measures and experts present.  This is the full length film, so grab some popcorn and a drink before firing it up.  Oh, and it’s in Russian with English subtitles.

As with all videos, I’ve put it behind a click-through just in case your browser likes to autoplay videos.

You can check out more photos and videos from The Sinner Team in their BME Suspension Team Gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Free Fall Suspension – The Birth

  1. Absolutely wicked video! and a great explanation of they’re practices!
    i WILL never get tired of Sinner Teams Free Fall’s!!

  2. Amazing amazing stuff. The Sinner Team’s work is truly innovative and I commend them for their responsible and thoughtful approach to something as extreme as free fall suspensions. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  3. Very good video. I’m glad that Sinner Team uses really good equipment and cares about safety first. That’s must be a very good way to do such extreme jumps. Good work!

    Стас, Лена, молодцы! Так держать! Наконец-то объяснили что к чему)))

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