One step at a time..

First it starts with a little bit of flesh..

The next step is to take a bit more..

And so on..

Alright, so here’s the fun part.  The 2 horns were done over 2 consecutive days.  The day before the first scar, he had two tattoos done on his upper arms.  The next day he came in for blackwork tattoos on the rest of his arms.  Following that, more scar work, over top of the blackwork, and finally some chest tattoos.  I honestly can’t even imagine what that much work done in a small period of time would feel like.

You can see the whole process in the skin removal scarification gallery.  The scarification was done by Iñaki Garduño from Xibalba Body Art in Mexico City.

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10 thoughts on “One step at a time..

  1. i think so, we both were pretty tired by the time we were done with the back piece after 3 days of work including the 2 tattoos on his upper arms. we are starting tomorrow with blackwork tattoos on both of his arms and chest tattoos the next day, i;ll post some pictures of the process and also will post some pictures of the healing scarification.
    Thanks a lot to Rob for picking some of my work.
    greetings from Xibalba Body Art in Mexico City¡¡¡¡

  2. Seems a bit silly to do that much work at once.. Healing all of that properly seems like it would be a hard thing to achieve. Not to mention incredibly uncomfortable.

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