BMEtv – Nathan the Tattoo Remover Tech

This week’s BME World Tour video takes us Gold Coast Laser Tattoo Removal.  After speaking briefly with the owner, Paul Braniff, Rachel sits down with Nathan, the removal technician and talks to him about everything to do with laser removal.  Oh and she does this all while getting a laser treatment.

To check out the video, you’ll have to keep on reading.

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3 thoughts on “BMEtv – Nathan the Tattoo Remover Tech

  1. Oh yeah! I want to have laser tattoo removal (or anything involving a laser and my skin) from someone who has no medical training and has only been a “tech” for eight months. Why not? It’s great money for tattoo shops. Why should Dermatologists have all the fun?
    Personally I’d go to Dr. Tattoff and get a flat rate price for the removal.

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