The Spaces In Between

As many tattooed ModBlog readers know, eventually you can get to a point where you’ve covered most of an area in tattoos.  However, when someone’s collection is made up of a variety of pieces, they can end up with small spaces between each piece.  The spaces will no doubt be large enough to be noticed, but too small to fill in with a new piece.  So what do people do?  They get filler.  Most of the time filler can be things like flowers, water, smoke, shading, extending a piece, etc.  The point is to make the area completely covered, while maintaining the integrity of each individual space.  So what does this have to do with this post?  Well, from what I can tell, these multicolored skulls are being used as a filler to bridge the two pieces together.  And even though they may be a filler piece, they still look good and could be held up on their own as an individual tattoo.

Skulls by Dieter Schuster from Deviant Life in Surrey, BC

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