What she said

I have no idea what this says, so you’ll have to ask Nixiie.  What I do know is that it was done by Ryan Ouellette from Precision Body Arts in Nashua, NH.

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17 thoughts on “What she said

  1. Never compromise. Or to be exact, “newer kompromise”, since the futhark lacks some letters.
    Very cool, hope it heals well!

  2. depends on the specific runic alphabet you use but in all of them it’s pretty close, the one I used was Never or Newer and Koeproeism which made no sense so I figured it had to be compromise.

  3. I think Phillip got it right. – NEVER COMPROMISE – That is a powerful spell, carved in flesh with runes. I hope she can stand it.

  4. Spell? Powerful?

    You’ve used an “alphabet” to spell out something in English. Post #2 shows how this can be read. It’s not a powerful spell, it’s just an interesting way of representing something important to the wearer of the cutting, I presume.

    Spell. C’mon.

  5. “Never Compromise” in the Elder Futhark. I’m absolutely obsessed with Runes 😀 I have an Odinic Prayer tat on my right arm written in the Elder Futhark as well but in Old Norse.

  6. Yes, a spell and a powerful, too. I am using the elder futhark for 13 years as the magical tools that they are. My european ancestors used the runes for carving spells and blessings and so do I. In the old times one used his/her blood to charge the runes with power. So, in my opinion, the carving and the blood are obviously there -> she created a runic spell with her own flesh. 😛

    Even if one doesn’t believe in magic and/or runes, the idea of making (absolutly?) NO COMPROMISE can be quite demanding, because our social peace is somewhat based upon compromise. I endorse that way of living, but it can be difficult sometimes.
    I really like this scarification and would love to see it healed.

  7. I agree, ‘never compromise’ is a powerful personal statement, sometimes made rashly, but one hopes that in this case the person involved can stick to their guns. I live in a very heavily tattooed city here in New Zealand, yet I’m always being told I’m going to have a hard time in my career. Never compromise is not something I could possibly adhere to. So bravo to the wearer of this scarification if they can.

    However, did the particular peoples who used runes speak and write in the English we do? I would tend to think not, but I could very well be wrong.

  8. No, the people that used runes spoke several scandinavian languages, but that doesn’t matter. Because the runes are at first symbols for different things like wealth, rythm ,partnership, knowledge of the ancestors, need, etc. The use as letters is secondary and has been developed some time after their use as magic symbols.
    Usually I use the runes as letters in my mothertongue (which is not english), but their meanings are so versatile that their true proposition can be something completly different. Only the one who carved them can clearly say what their mission is.

  9. Runes are symbols with ambiguous meanings that can be tailored to whatever situation one is using them for. They can mean whatever you want them to mean within the boundaries of their specific purpose. So a wealth rune can mean wealth of many different kinds, it can be interpreted in whichever way the thrower of the runes wishes. That’s not versatile, that’s purposefully deceptive.

    Being “ancient” doesn’t make something more mysterious or powerful. And being “ancient” doesn’t make something any less wrong.

    No-one remembers the prophecies that don’t come true, just the ones that are close enough to events as to give one a little thrill. I think I’d rather check the Metservice’s website to see what the whether will be in the next few days rather than looking at runes. Each to their own though.

  10. From a modern and scientific point of view I understand your argument, but writing and reading have been considered as something very special for a very long time.
    Do you call paintings, poems or modern graffitis, etc. deceptive? Everything that can be somehow interpreted, can be considered as mysterious or powerful. Because when I am the only one who knows the original meaning, I have the power of keeping it secret or sharing it with somebody. And as you might know, Jon P, knowledge is power.
    Even mispellings can be (mis-)interpreted, but everything is fine for me. As you said, to each their own.

  11. Dear Jon Penis.

    Stick to what you know and STFU about everything else. I know you like to be a blabbering idiot here on MODBLOD but please don’t offend people with your lousy comments.
    In other words: Get back to gargling balls and leave runes and Norse mythology to us from the North.

  12. Jon P: I’ve noticed that you seem to like playing devil’s advocate. That’s all well and good, but why not let people have their own beliefs without demanding some sort of justification? Some people, myself included, believe in certain things that can’t be explained through science, such as this. You don’t. That’s fine. I’m happy to agree to disagree; can you be a big boy and do the same, please?

  13. It’s not about playing the devil’s advocate. Sometimes I get bored and during those times I seek some intelligent discussion related to subjects raised in ModBlog posts. I do realise that it might become grating for some people, but that’s really none of my concern. If someone wants to jump in and debate the point, that would be great.

    “Certain things that can’t be explained by science, such as this.”

    That’s because trying to use a rational, logical method of understanding to explain bunk simply doesn’t work. 😉 Runes are bunk. You’ll see what you want to see in them, much like how your hand moves over a Quija board. Conjuring is simply seing what you want to see. The downside of Pareidolia, I suppose.

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