Lotus Shambhala

The lovely Adhara graces our presence again today with her newest tattoo.  Now I know that you’re thinking this is just henna, but that’s exactly what she wants you to think.  Adhara is a member of a belly dancing troupe and this is the group’s logo, hennafied/mendhi styled by Adhara and tattooed by Kayli Curry from InkAholics Tattoo Studio in Maryland.

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4 thoughts on “Lotus Shambhala

  1. yay! Work was done at Marked for Life: Female tattoo artist’s expo in Orlando! My dance buddy and Troupe sister Robin and I performed and then got tattooed.

  2. Hey wow I just saw this! :) Thanks for the love guys my new shop is Tattoo Icons in Elkton MD, 443-982-8288 my married name is Kayli Veres :)

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