Wood Carving 101

Carving someone’s name into a tree is one thing.  Carving someone’s name, and the tree, in flesh is another thing altogether.

This particular carving was done by Richard ‘Effin’ Ivey.

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4 thoughts on “Wood Carving 101

  1. Richard Effin Ivey is an artistic genius, if you ever get to Raleigh NC make damn sure to go have him do some work for you. I have seen dozens of the Scarifications that he has done and I am always amazed at the detail.
    Love and Respect

  2. That’s a really cool concept! Curious on how this looks healed – hopefully there’ll be a follow-up!

  3. Glad Richard and I were able to dazzle and excite, and yes, further down the line, I can at least follow up with pics. Right now, the scar is in the “pain of healing” stage, which includes some itching, and plenty of opportunity for a little healthy scratching to keep things rough. I have been very pleased with this piece so far, and every day is filled with new sensations on my left side. Richard did an amazing job, and I am proud to wear his art.

    -The guy in the picture with the cuts. :p

    P.S. Yoga, pull-ups, crunches, and all manner of cardio activities are especially exciting!

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