It’s been a really long time since we’ve had an x-ray photo of implants on ModBlog.  This was sent in by Definesad, however no further information was given, so I don’t know who to credit for the implants.  But we do get a pretty cool picture out of it, so it’s not a total loss.

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5 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. That seems like a poor choice of implant shape; a spherical ball may start migrating downwards, and will certainly put a lot of pressure on nerves/muscle/etc. (and probably not in a good way, long term). Wouldn’t it make more sense to use dome shapes (a rounded face with a flat back)? The pressure would be more distributed that way. (The proviso being that the flat back would need to be carefully rounded on the transition edges, and would need to be polished carefully prior to sterilization; simply cutting a PTFE ball in half is probably an even *worse* idea.)

    Oh, and before anyone gives me shit for saying that: I have implants on my sternum, they were done with domes, and other than minor migration within the first month, they’ve been fine. …*For 10 years*. Yes, this is only anecdotal evidence.

  2. I totally agree #1

    I have domes in my forearm and I cant imagine how uncomfortable balls must be. Same story with migration as yours, my body put them where it wanted them in the first month and they’ve been there ever since. I’ve had em for about 2 years give or take.

    That said, I really want an x-ray of my implants, so I still think this is cool lol

  3. Could this be some simple photoshopping of an Xray? Most all imaging: Xray; CT; MRI, is all digital, so you wouldn’t even have to scan the “film”.

  4. I have often wondered how much an implant could move and how the long term would be. That being said I have implant lust. ( got a magnet in my finger but you can barely see it)

  5. agreeing with #1, i didnt know people still used spherical implants, or at least not onts of that size….. they’re very uniform and neat looking, if they ARE real (not photoshopped) kudos to the artist, pity theres no more info about them

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