4 thoughts on “Body Topography

  1. Wow. Not sure where I saw it (here or on another tattoo blog) but this reminds me of a leg work I saw recently. Surely the same artist.

    I’m stunned, this is so beautiful, different, wow. As much as I love letterings, “more traditional” and “random” tattooing, I love the concept of “your skin as a canvas”, with a unique piece, and nothing else.

    (makes me a bit sad that i will never be able to do it because I already starting filling my canvas. but just a bit, because it’s also beautiful just to look at. Would love to see it in reality!)

    I want to see more work from this artist!

  2. Hey Rob, has the end of week news feature been done away with or is it like a “month’s end” round-up now because of lack of news, or lack of people contributing news?

  3. @Jon P: Nope, I’ve just gotten behind on some things, the news being one of them. I should be doing a post this coming week, and back to once a week like normal.

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