True Love Waits

I’m going to let the artist of this piece, Jackie Rabbit, tell the story behind this tattoo.  It’s definitely a sappy love story, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

A guy and a gal have each other in the “friend zone” since they were teenagers… not really ever knowing that they are both madly in love with each other. They stay best friends, helping each other through bad relationship after bad relationship even a couple failed and F-ed up marriages. Now they are pushing 40 and she has moved from NJ to WV…. They FINALLY give in to what they have both felt for all these years. So my client Greg moves all the way out here to the south to me with her and man are they in love. He got this tattoo to symbolize their love…the heart that has been broken then put back together, the clock gears to represent the time that has past and the time yet to come, and the Triscal knot for their friendship and unity.

6 thoughts on “True Love Waits

  1. Cate: it’s the calf. You’re seeing 2 angles photoshopped together that makes it appear to be an ass tattoo.

  2. Man, woulda been nicer for everyone if they’d just said, “hey, i dig you, let’s see where this thing takes us.” the fear of rejection can be paralysing i suppose.

  3. I love steampunk and I love happy endings, when my fiancee and I are married next [not this, next] September we will have known eachother 10 years, I was in the friendzone for 7, including the night I slept with her and she broke up with me the next day, I had to wait 3 years to get back with her, even after a mutual friends mutual friend tried to hook us up on a blind date, hanging out at the restaurant talking being like, “omg I’m on a blind date too! what? yours is late? I WILL END THEM!” and both answering eachothers craigslist ads, it took me saying, so I’m proposing to you your 29th birthday because I KNOW how you feel about dying alone a crazy cat lady… We started dating a week later, and a week after that she knew she wanted to be with me the rest of her life

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